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Hitman: Contracts

by Iron Chitlin

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Let's Play Hitman: Contracts

After a three month hiatus we once again return to the world of our favorite follicularly challenged assassin, Agent 47; a clone made up of the DNA of five world class bad guys in an effort to create the perfect killer. 47 was last seen in Sicily in a futile attempt to seek redemption for his violent past. After being dragged back into the assassination business, 47 comes to accept the fact that he can never truly escape his past. After rejoining The Agency he once again becomes the killer he was created to be. 47 is now in Paris, stumbling back to a hotel room with a bullet in his stomach, his death quickly approaching...

About Hitman: Contracts

Contracts is the third game in the Hitman series, and has a much darker tone than the previous installments of the franchise. The game itself doesn't have much in the way of an overarching story, instead it acts a setup for the series of mostly unrelated missions to play out in a series of flashbacks within 47's dying mind. The only relevance this game has to the larger story of the Hitman franchise are some vague hints of plot threads that will be explored with the release of Blood Money.

The levels in Contracts are a mix of new levels and remakes of levels from the first game,Codename 47. The fact that roughly half the levels are remade from Codename 47 might make it sound as if it's Hitman 2.5 rather than a proper sequel, however the remade levels have all been made in such a way to be nearly unrecognizable to the levels of the first game. Contracts is shorter than it's predecessor, Silent Assassin, but each level is much larger and more densely packed with details and options than the previous games, a trait that would continue and expand even further with Blood Money.

About this LP

For those unfamiliar with how the previous LP of Hitman 2 was made here's a quick rundown. This LP will be made in two separate runs.

In the first run I will be playing the game on the hardest difficulty(Professional) and attempting to get the highest ranking on each mission(Silent Assassin).

In the second run FutureFriend will be playing the game Blind, getting lost and trying to complete the levels in his own very ham-handed way.

Mission 1 & 2: Asylum Aftermath & The Meat King's Party
Mission 3: The Bjarkhov Bomb
Mission 4: Beldingford Manor
Mission 5: Rendezvous in Rotterdam
Mission 6: Deadly Cargo
Mission 7: Traditions of the Trade
Missions 8, 9, & 10: Slaying a Dragon, The Wang Fou Incident, and The Seafood Massacre
Mission 11: The Lee Hong Assassination
Mission 12: Hunter and Hunted

Mission 1: Asylum Aftermath
Mission 2: the Meat King's Party Failures
Mission 3: The Bjarkhov Bomb Failures
Mission 4: Beldingford Manor Failures
Mission 5: Rendezvous in Rotterdam
Mission 6: Deadly Cargo Failures
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