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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 10

The theater.

If I know Bernie, he will have made a display in the main room.

It seems Bernie wants me to solve another extremely intricate puzzle. Time to head upstairs. Just get past the watchman.

Hopkins: Hopkins, F.B.I. let me through
Watchman: Do you have a warrant?
Hopkins: No.
Watchman: Sorry, I can't let you in without a warrant or a movie ticket.

How about a twenty? Hopkins has a twenty.

How nice of him. Up to the projector room.

Flip the lever.

Ok. What devious puzzle do I have to solve now? What trickery has Bernie done to make this machine not work...what's that over there?

He unplugged the machine. Alright, got power on, push the button and flip the lever and head back to the main room.

Hey, Bernie left us a work safe victim.

Hmm. The only places left that I can go to are the airport and the shooting range, and only one of those has a bullseye. Shooting range it is.