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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 3: Checking In Hotel Dusk

New Music: Straight Chaser
(Great. An empty lobby with no one home.)

(Where's the front desk in this dump?)

(Huh. Cute sign, pal. ...Guess that's where I check in.)

Sometimes, when Kyle wants to ask a question, the question will scroll above him. White question mark means you can ask it to multiple people.

New Music: Monochrome

This is the front desk, as helpfully written on the bottom (right) screen. We'll examine things first before checking in.
You can walk around by holding in the direction you want to go. The icons are, from left to right, open doors, items, examine, and menu.
Most of them are self explanatory, but open doors can only be done when there are doors to open.

Let's examine the sofa first.

Music: Straight Chaser

When examining, you can tap an item to get a closer look and/or Hyde's comments. You can change the perspective with the scroller on the bottom right. The icons from left to right means memo, items, and back.

Lamp Wonder if the shade on that table lamp used to be white.
Lamp table The end table's covered in dust. Hope the rooms are cleaner.
Sofa Leather sofa, huh? Looks like it's been around the block a few times.
Table Solid little table. Too bad it's all nicked up.
Poster Nice bikini. Too bad a girl like that would never stay in a place like this.

Zoomed-in poster Wonder how many losers have imagined she was looking at them?
Plaque It's the hotel business permit. I bet it's expired.
Sticker There's a sticker underneath the frame

You can't actually examine the zoomed-in sticker. It is probably important.
License There's a license plate on the wall. Did a mechanic decorate this dump?
Dart board A clock that looks like a dartboard. What is this, a frat house?

And that's everything to examine around the sofa. We should probably note the number down.

Yes, Kyle has different sprites for looking at the note and writing on the note

Next up, the counter.

TV There's a TV at the end of the counter.

Zoomed-in TV It's an older model with a pair of rabbit ears. Classy.
Knobs There's a power switch and a channel selector
Is this thing broken?
What a wonderful hotel this is...
Note There's a note stuck to the side of the TV.

Clipboard Hey, it's a clipboard. That settles it, there's gotta be somebody around here.
Shelf There's an old shelf with cubbyholes behind the counter.
Table Calendar It's a calendar. Great, now I can keep track of how long I've been standing here.
Wall Calendar There's a calendar on the wall. It's even in sync with the one on the counter.
Table There's no one at the front desk.
Telephone A telephone. Am I supposed to call someone to help me?

Bell Guy's got a bell on the counter. Nice touch.

And then it goes into a minigame. Just tap the bell 3 times to call someone.

No, it's not Ghost Trick where ringing 3 times is the rule. The employees are just to neglectful.

New Music: Hangover Blues

How charming.


Sometimes when talking there will be a yellow triangle. Pressing it allows Kyle to press the other person. Usually there's no reason not to press.

(Oh, this guy's fantastic...)

Pressing will always bring up a dialogue choice after a line of dialogue from Kyle. Alright, now you guys can vote...

Did you call me Rosa?

Just kidding! If I allow voting for every single choice we might not finish until 2020. So I'll be picking ALL the choices.

Who's Rosa?

Rosa? She's the hotel maid. Hard worker, but she's got a mouth the size'a Nebraska. Always findin' ways to bust my chops when I'm watchin a game.

Maybe that's because you're NOT DOING YOUR JOB?

Anyway, sorry for thinkin' you was her. No harm, no foul, eh?

Name's Dunning Smith, and I own this joint.

Welcome to my own little slice'a heaven...Hotel Dusk.

So! Ya here for a room, or just t'hear me jaw?

A room. One night.

What kinda room ya want?


Well, if ya wanna save a bit'a scratch, I got a room available.


But, hey, lemme bend yer ear for a second... How'd ya like t'stay in somethin' a little nicer?

You have nice rooms?


You're in sales, right? Door t'door? On yer feet all day?

Something like that.

Yep, I know it. Ya haul the case around all day and the dogs get to barkin'.

So what d'ya say? Why not give yerself a little treat for once? One night in a nice room'll make a new man outta ya!

Now this is a bit rare, but tonight I actually got a suite open. And 'cause I'm feelin' generous, I'll let ya have it for a special price!

Suites are for chumps.

I said cheap.

It's a peach of a room!

Hey! You got a problem? I look like a guy who would stay in a suite?

Well, if I can getcha to fill out this registration card ya can have a room. Here's a pen for ya. Nice pen, too. Don't go stealin' it.

It's just rubbing the stylus/mouse on the form. I promise it gets more interesting later!

By the way, during all minigames, there are no music. It continues after the minigame is finished.

...Kyle Hyde? Yer name really Kyle Hyde?

That's what my parents told me.


That work for you?

Hold on.

What's your problem?!

What now? You don't like my name?

I told ya! Ain't nothin'!

Don't tell me it's nothing. You see my name on a wanted poster or something?

Naw, ain't like that.

Just remembered the name is all.

orange question are the most common question, which can only be asked to one specific person.

Yeah, that's it. Ain't a big deal.

Anyway, about yer room. Yer in Room 215. Here's the key.

It's got the room number and the word "Wish" engraved on it.

Wish? What's that supposed to mean?

It's the name'a the room.

The room has a name?

Sure does! Every room in this hotel has its own name! We got Wish, Bravery, Daybreak, Success... even Angel.

Cute. You think those up yourself?

Sure did. Great group'a names, ain't they?

Wish is my favorite of the bunch, though.

What a crock.

A crock?

Rooms need numbers. That's it. Naming a room is a waste of time.

Waste'a time?! Ain't no one ever said that before!

That means everyone said that before! You know, double negatives and all that.

They just didn't have the stones to tell you what they really thought.

Some guests like names! But now I know. Yer a man who don't like t'waste time on silly stuff. Saves me from wastin' breath on my story.

Hold on.

What story?

Nothin'. Waste'a time.

Cut the crap. What's the story?

Well, if ya really wanna know, I'll tell ya.

Actually, it's 'bout Room 215. The room where yer stayin'. It's got a...watcha call it? A history.

A history? What, like ghosts? You telling me it's hauntec?

Ghosts? Pah! Nah, this is way better'n some spook with chains!

Ya got dreams, pal? Somethin' ya wish for?

I'm not much for wishing.

Don't surprise me. But still.

If ya got somethin' ya want. I mean, really want... Ya just may find it tonight. Ya follow?

(??? Where wishes are granted? ???)

I'm not going to GIF all questions since there are too many. Questions will be denoted by (??? Questions ???) and all of them are orange unless otherwise noted.

I dunno why I'm helpin' ya, but go ahead'n take this. It's a hotel brochure. Ya got a map in there, too.

Head on up to the second floor. It's through the lobby and up the stairs. Room 215's down the hall on the left. Restaurant's through the lobby and to the left. It opens for dinner at 6:00, and breakfast at 7:30. Got a bar, too. Opens at 9:00 tonight. Checkout's at 10:00. Miss it, and we charge ya double. 'Course, if ya wanna stay another night, just lemme know. Need anything else?

New Music: Rainy Night

This is the questions screen. You can ask the questions obtained. Every character also has special response asking what you read/write if you open/write on your notebook.
You can also show or give them items. I won't bother with it since most of the responses are boring. If there's something interesting maybe people in the thread can ask me to show it.

Read note
What're you looking at?
Write note
What're you writing?
Show pager
Well, ain't we fancy? I'd stow that pager 'fore it gets swiped.
Show room 215 key
This is yer room key. Don't go losin' it.
Show hotel brochure
This is a hotel brochure and building map.
Show others
The hell's that?

We will always ask the questions from the top.
Not that it matters, since this update is long enough already. We'll ask the questions next time.