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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 104: Searching for an Apple

Music: Hangover Blues

I'm... I'm going, Mr. Smith! I'm on my way!
Then get to it!
Thought I could trust ya with watchin' my bar! Don't make me regret it!
Yessir! I'm going!

Louie runs down the hall.

Damn kid. Gotta whole lotta learnin' to do...
I'm sorry ya had to hear all that, Mr. Hyde!
Don't worry about me.

Kyle: I often did that to him myself.

Well, ain't ya just a big sweetheart. But tell me somethin', Mr. Hyde.
Why ya talkin t'Louie at this hour, anyhow?
Just bored.
That so? Well, all right then. S'cuse me...

Dunning stomps off down the hall.

Music: Monochrome

Now that the other staffs are gone, let's talk to Rosa. We'll deal with the tape later.


Well, Mr. Hyde, what can I do for you?
You got a minute?
Of course.

Music: Secrets
Hey, you got a minute?

Music: Hangover Blues
Have you learned anything about Mila's father? Huh? Well, have you?
Rosa, it's been about twenty minutes. I'm good, but not that good.

Kyle: (Actually I just have to wait for Ed to give me the information. I didn't investigate Robert Evans myself.)

Really, the only thing Kyle found out himself about him is his name and job (and daughter).

Oh! Oh, yes. I suppose not. Well, I guess you'll just have to put on your sleuthing cap!
But I may have one thing.
Mila's father is a guy named Robert Evans.
Robert Evans? Robert Evans!
Oh my goodness! Oh my stars!
Easy, Rosa.
I take it you've heard of him?
No, I'm just excited.

Way to tease, Rosa. What next, is Dunning going to tease us with information right before immediately handing out a Game Over?

So your father's name is Robert Evans, is it, Mila?
I wonder where he could be.

Never you fret, Mila honey! Mr. Hyde is going to find him for you!
Right, Mr. Hyde?

Rosa is great.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
What are you writing?

Where's the apple painting?

Listen, where are those apple paintings you were talking about? You said there were five, right?
That's right.
Are there really five?
For a fact! This hotel isn't that big, you know! And I've counted them many times!
Those paintings have been here as long as I have.
I guess you saw how each painting has a different number of apples?
Well, I was sure that had some kind of meaning, but darned if I know it! I tried asking Mr. Smith about it once, but that man is just useless.
"Who knows," he told me I bet HE knows, the old coot!
I don't know about that, but I did learn something else.

There's a hidden letter in each painting.
Letters? Goodness, me!
I think those letters mean something. That's why I need to know where all the paintings are hung.
I see.
Well, there are three on the second floro and two on the first floor. Right?
Wait, there are TWO on the first floor?
Of course! There's the one in the hallway and then... Oh, but you wouldn't know... You wouldn't know about the one in the special room!

(??? What's the special room? ???)

You have a special room?

OK, I'm curious. What's the special room?
It's at the back of the lobby. It's the only room like it in the entire hotel.
And that's where the fifth painting is?
That's right! It says Room 111 on the door.

Music: Hangover Blues
Can you get me into Room 111?
So you can see the apple painting. Is that it?
Well... I suppose so. All right. But only for Mila! Oh, and because I'm a little curious, too!
I'm going to have to sneak the key away from Mr. Smith! Once I do that, I"ll go into Room 111 and wait for you.
Then you can just slip in later. OK? Good!
Got it.
Mila is counting on you to figure this all out! So don't mess it up!
And for mercy's sake, don't let Dunning know about any of this! Sneak around!

Rosa sneaks off down the hall.



All right, all right. Don't look at me like that.
(I'll just wait until I know what's what with those paintings.)
You coming along for the ride?

Music: Monochrome

As you can see, we're escorting Mila now. But more importantly we can finally examine this part of Rosa's room!

Music: Straight Chaser

Cabinet Got herself a nice, big china cabinet.
Dishes Hey, dishes. Rosa's not as neat as I thought.
Fridge It's just your average refrigerator. Wonder if she's got any cheese.

Painting It's a painting of some sunflowers.
Right sofa A red couch. At least all of her upholstery matches.
Paper There's a crossword puzzle on the table. Man, i hate those things.
Big table It's a big table.
Small table She's got a little side table in the corner of the room.
Vase There are some flowers in the vase.
Left sofa It's a big chair with red upholstery.

TV It's a TV. I bet she watches soap operas.
Lamp That's quite a tall lamp.
Shelf Rosa's got herself a built-in bookshelf.
Left frame It's a picture of a young woman.
Probably Rosa but Kyle doesn't recognize her.
Right frame It's a picture of Rosa and some guy.
Top books It's a bunch of cookbooks.
Upper left books She's got some books on fortune-telling.
Upper right books Rosa sure has a lot of cookbooks.
Lower books Books on language, huh? When's she find time to study?
Bottom left books Law books? Wonder if Rosa's planning on going back to school.
Bottom right books None of these books mean much to me.

Music: Monochrome

Now let's go to Room 111.


Music: Drunken Waltz
Where do ya think yer takin' Mila? Don't ya know what time it is?
I left my watch at home.
There's somethin' shifty 'bout ya, mister, and I don't like it! No sir!
Pullin' a young gal like Mila 'round a hotel in the middle of the night... I don't need creeps like ya in my place, and ya better not be here come sunrise! Hit the road, ya creep!

Getting mistaken for a pedophile is not a thing I expected to happen in this game.


Music: Dream's End
(Nice job, Hyde. Guess I should have listened to Rosa...)


Dunning: 7
Louie: 6
Jeff: 6
Rosa: 6
Martin: 4
Iris: 3
Melissa: 2
Helen: 1
Kevin: 1

This Game Over is kind of bullshit. I mean, yeah, Rosa told you to avoid Dunning and you last talked to him in the lobby, but come on! He left after that conversation! How am I supposed to know he's back there?