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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 109: Chapter 9 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

There were five in all... Two on the first floor, and three on the second. I found one of the second-floor paintings in the hallway. And I found another one in my room. The last one on the second floor was in...

The utility closet
No, that ain't right. There's no apple painting in the utility closet.
Room 214
No, that ain't right. Room 214 was empty.

You know, good thing we got Room 215 since if someone else, like Helen for example, got that room, the apple hunt would be much harder.

Room 217

Music: Midnight
That's right. The last second-floor apple painting was in Room 217. I found five apple paintings in all.

Music: Play It Again

I had Rosa open Room 111 so I could look at the final painting. Then I rearranged the letters that I found in each of the paintings. Had to mix 'em up so they matched the number of apples in the paintings. When I finished, they spelled out the name...

No, that ain't right. That wasn't the name the letters spelled out.
No, that ain't right. That's some other bird in this hotel.


Music: Midnight
That's right. They spelled the name Jenny.

Music: Play It Again

I found Mila on the floor. Her breathing had stopped, so I had to give her mouth-to-mouth. When she came to, Mila was able to start talkin'. I grilled her for a bit and learned a few things. Like that she had been to this dump before with her father. When they came here, Mila was...

Nineteen years old
No, that ain't right. Nineteen is Mila's current age.
Thirty-three years old
No, that ain't right. That's my age.

Nine years old

Music: Midnight
That's right. Mila was nine years old when she came here with her old man. She made friends with a girl named Jenny.
Guess the shock of seeing Jenny get abducted put Mila in a coma.

Music: Play It Again

And she was in that coma for a long time. Kevin told me he knew her from his time at the hospital where she stayed. And the name of that hospital was...

Red Crown
No, that ain't right. Red Crown is the name of the company I work for.
No, that ain't right. Nile was the name of the criminal organization that Bradley infiltrated.


Music: Midnight
That's it. She went to Robbins Memorial Hospital in Santa Monica. She only woke out of that coma six months ago.

Music: Play It Again

Then Ed called and told me about the hotel's previous owner. Seems Robert Evans bought the place ten years back, then dumped it on Dunning. Then Rosa showed and told me that Dunning had taken off with Mila. Dunning wasn't in his room, but I tossed the place anyway. I found something in his desk drawer. It was...

An old pamphlet
No, that ain't right. The old brochure was on top of the desk, not in it.
An old newspaper
No, that ain't right. The newspaper article about Osterzone's paintings was on top of the desk.

Birthday cards

Music: Midnight
That's right. I found a whole bunch of birthday cards. They were all addressed to Jenny. When I saw them all together like that, I figured it out. Jenny is the name of Dunning's daughter. The one Rosa told me about.

I thought you didn't think of that since you didn't mention it in the actual chapter.

Music: Play It Again

What kind of shady dealings were they up to? Evans and Mila... Dunning and Jenny... Two men and their daughters. And what about the Kyle Hyde that paid Mila a visit? Was that you, Bradley?

Music: Silent Moon
Outside,in the L.A. night, the worst side of humanity has license to roam. And here? Inside this hotel? Am I going to find something that I don't want to see? I guess it doesn't matter. I'm getting close to the truth, Bradley. ...And to you.

Music stops



Tap Louie

What happened?

The pause between the swing and Kyle getting hit is kinda awkward, but at least now we know why the quiz is at 1 AM while the chapter ends at 2 AM!