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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 113: Waking Up

Mr. Hyde! Wake up!
Oh, what am I going to do? You can't be... Are you DEAD?
Land sakes, Mr. Hyde! Get up!

Huh. Looks like we don't play as Jeff, who is secretly a vigilante hell bent on vengeance after Bradley kicked his puppy after all. Too bad, FoolyCharged.

This sprite is weird. Remember when I said that every sprite has a short animation? Well, this one ends up in this:


Music: Midnight
You're alive!
Must be. Being dead wouldn't hurt this bad.
Thank goodness! I'm so glad you're not dead! Are you going to be all right? Well, are you?
Yeah, I... I think so. Head's killing me.

Got me a whole 42nd Street traffic jam blarin' away...
You going to make it, Louie?
Yeah, man, I'm breathing. But I got a knot on my noggin the size of a baseball.
You and me both.
I'm glad that's all it is! To come in here and find the two of you on the floor...goodness! I near to fainted clean away!

"I'm near to fainted clear away!"? I think she means "Nearly fainted."

What on earth happened?
We got thumped good. Some dirtbag hit us from behind. Yeah, Hyde?
That's my take on it. I walked in here and saw Louie on the floor. When I went to check on him... Somebody dry-gulched me. Never saw it coming.
Who would do such a thing?

DeathChicken posted:

RIP Kyle Hyde, murdered by the Pillsbury Doughboy

Maybe him? No hat, though.

Didn't see a face. How 'bout you, Louie? You see who sapped you?
Naw, man. All I saw was stars and the floor. I was checkin' out the shelves in the cellar when I got whacked.
Oww...can't believe how much this hurts, man!
Know how you feel.
That's enough whining from both of you! Pull yourselves together and act like men!

Music stops
Mr. Hyde, Mila hasn't come back yet!
She's still gone?
Yes! And I'm as worried as can be! I can't believe any of this. Just when the girl starts to talk, she up and vanishes!

Music: Rainy Night
Whoa! Hold up, Mama Sass. Mila started talkin'? When this happen?
I ain't heard squat 'bout that!
I just haven't spoken to you about it yet, Louis DeNonno!

Poor Louie... (Of course, since he hasn't known Mila's mental age, he's still fallen for her.)

No one tells Louie nothin'. So when did Mila start talkin'? ...And did she say anything about me? Huh?

Like that.

Focus, Louie. We were in Room 111. Rosa opened it so I could eyeball an apple painting.
Apple painting? The one what you been lookin' for?
That's it. There are five of them in this joint. And each one's got a different letter of the alphabet on it. String all five of them together and they spell out a name. Jenny.
Jenny? I don't know no Jenny!
Jenny? That's...
But that's the name of the girl Mila was talking about.

Wow. Kyle really did hide a lot from Louie and Rosa, huh?

Yeah. It is.
Whoa, whoa! Slow down! I just got cracked upside the head, remember? Did Mila start talkin' while you was looking at the painting?
No, it was after. I came out of the room and she had keeled over.
What? She, like, fainted?
For a fact! Poor thing lost consciousness, and then stopped breathing!
Oh man...trip...
But Mr. Hyde gave her mouth-to-mouth and saved her life!

The game over if we fail that minigame kinda gloss over what happened after that. I think it's for the best.

Louie, please, don't. I swear, guys, he drops this after he learns about her mental age!

You're an idiot, Louie.
Once Mila came around, she started talking And that's all there is to that!
I think Room 111 triggered something.
What's that?
She remembered coming to the Dusk ten years ago with her father.
You think that's true?
Yeah. Sounds like she was playing in 111 with this Jenny kid. Then somebody up and snatches the kid right in front of her.
Aw, get outta here!
I took Mila back to my room and Mr. Smith showed up. He told me to take Mila to the police in the morning. Well, I told him that Mila could talk, and that we don't need the police's help. Mr. Dunning's eyes got as wide as hotcakes, and he said he had to talk to her!
Wait, so he took Mila? Man, this is trippy. But I think I follow you so far...
There's more. Kevin Woodward knows Mila.
Melissa's pops?
Woodward's a doctor down at Robbins Memorial Hospital. Mila was a patient there for a long time.

It's true that Kyle didn't mention any of it to Rosa, but Mila did! Mila said that she's been sleeping for a long time in Robbins Hospital.

Not exactly. She was in a coma for ten years.
Oh my stars...
Then six months ago, she wakes up. Woodward says it was a total surprise. my melon's really achin'. You can't make up crap this weird.

Your boobs are aching? (Sorry, that's a very low-hanging fruit.)

I mean, the first results for melon head is an urban legend, and the first results for melon brain is how to make a brain model out of melons. I never heard of melon meaning head elsewhere.

Lemme make sure I follow... Mila was here ten years ago, yeah? I dig that. But then she goes under for ten years? That's crazy.

So basically for Mila that kidnapping incident happens only 6 months ago. No wonder she's traumatized.

It gets crazier. Woodward told me Mila's old man used to visit her once a month. Nice guy, right? But right before she opens her eyes and returns to the world? The old man vanishes. No one's heard from him.
Oh, that poor man! It's possible he doesn't even know that she recovered.
And that's why Mila's trying to find him.
Yo, Hyde, you sure WE ain't still knocked out? This is the freakiest story I ever heard.
Better sit down then, Louie, 'cause I ain't done.

I'm really sorry

Right before Mila came around, she got a new visitor. Wasn't her old man, either. It was somebody using the name Kyle Hyde.
All right, that's enough! You gotta be kiddin' me, right? 'Cause if that's true, then you-know-who was at the hospital!
I know.
Whole thing blows my mind, man...
Mr. Hyde, I'm awfully worried about Mila! We have to hurry and find where she and Mr. Smith have gotten to.
Yeah, I know. But we also have to check out this wine cellar.

Long recaps and bad jokes aside, we FINALLY get to actual gameplay! We can't exit the room, so let's talk to Rosa and Louie.

Where we supposed to look next, Hyde?

Mr. Hyde, where's Mila?

Well that's useless. Let's just check this place ourselves. This place is called the Wine Cellar despite not being underground.

Music: Monochrome (Map)
Music: Straight Chaser (Examination)

Like in the pantry, I'll number the top left cabinet '1' and continuing to the right.
Shelf It's a shelf designed to hold alcohol. Bless you, shelf.
Cabinet 2 There's nothing in these boxes.
Cabinet 3 It's a dirty wooden box.
Cabinet 4 It's an empty box. ...Master gumshoe Kyle Hyde strikes again.
Ex-master gumshoe Kyle Hyde.
Cabinet 5 and 7 Alcohol is leaking out of a crack in the bottle. What a terrible waste...
Cabinet 6 upper box It's a box from a distillery I've never heard of.
Cabinet 6 lower box It's a box with the name of some distillery on it.
Cabinet 8 It's a dirty wooden box. Who uses wood boxes anymore?
Cabinet 11 It's a box. The name of a booze company's written on it.
Cabinet 12 It's a case of whiskey.

Box There are more whiskey bottles in this case.
There are three bottles in here...
Box (again) There are bottles of whiskey in the box. Ah, my old friend.

We can't examine the poster on the left.

Barrel An entire barrel of beer...
Cabinet 1 There's a whiskey bottle on top of the shelf.
This whiskey... It's the same stuff that was in the case on the back shelf.
(This bottle's only half full. This...)

Obviously Kyle won't pick this up if he hasn't examined the whiskey box.
Cabinet 2 There are bottles of booze in here.
Cabinet 3 It's a wooden box. It's too dirty to make out the lettering.
Cabinet 4 box There's a rolled-up newspaper in this box.
Cabinet 4 bottle The label is coming off these bottles. I can't read any of them.
Cabinet 5 Expensive-looking bottles of hooch.
Cabinet 6 upper box It's a box of liqueur. The label is in some fancy language that I can't read.
Cabinet 6 lower box This box is partly crushed, and the bottom is bulging out.
Cabinet 7 These labels have a bunch of grapes on them. Now that's creative.
Cabinet 8 It's a stack of dirty wooden boxes.
Cabinet 9 Yep. More bottles.
Cabinet 10 This box is full of tattered paper. Thrilling.
Cabinet 11 It's a pile of boxes. Maybe I can build a fort later.
Cabinet 12 It's a box with a simple label.

Use half-full whiskey bottle on whiskey box

What's wrong?
Something about that whiskey bottle seems odd to me.
Huh? Like what? It's just a whiskey bottle. Not a thing odd about it. Trust me on this one, I know whiskey.
Spare me your expertise, Louis! If I say something's odd, it's odd! Why is there a half-full bottle of whiskey in the wine cellar?
If you're going to open a bottle, why wouldn't you put it in the bar?
Wait a... LOUIS! Have you been down here drinking on the sly?!
What? C'mon, Mama Sass, gimme a break. I run the bar! If I wanna drink, I'll pound 'em down up there!

Wish we got more other people interacting with each other like this.

Half-filled bottle The whiskey bottle I just put in the case is still there.

Let's continue examining the area.

Cabinet 1 Boxes with the names of alcohol printed on them.
Cabinet 2 Boxes of booze. I've never heard of this company... I'll have to amend that.
Cabinet 3 There's a whiskey bottle on top of the shelf.
This whiskey... It's the same stuff that was in the case on the back shelf.
Kyle will not pick up the bottle if he's already holding one.
Cabinet 4 upper boxes Empty boxes. Wonder if they're lonely.
Cabinet 4 lower boxes Boxes of hooch. If I turn into a life of crime tonight, I'll come back for these.
Cabinet 5 More wine bottles. ...Never was a big wine guy.
Cabinet 6 upper box A big beer box. Nice.
Cabinet 6 lower box It's an empty wooden box. Smells moldy.
Cabinet 7 Wine bottles. Who cares?
Cabinet 8 It's a dirty wooden box.
Cabinet 9 Wine bottles covered in dust.
Cabinet 10 Some boxes of alcohol kind of shoved together. Must be Louie's work.
Cabinet 11 More empty boxes.
Cabinet 12 Boxes full of liquor.

Use half-full whiskey bottle on whiskey bottle in cabinet 3

I'll pour the whiskey from the bottle I picked up into the bottle that was on the shelf.

Now I'll put it back in the case, and...

Use whiskey bottle on whiskey box

I put a bottle in the case.

*Clicking sound*

(What was that sound?)

You can also do this by grabbing one bottle, placing it here, grabbing the other bottle, then using it on the original one.



I'm not sorry for this one.