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Part 120: Opening a Door


Music: Endless Road

You awake, handsome?
Yeah, yeah, I'm up. ...Hey, is Ed there?
No, not yet. I'm here all by myself.
Rachel, I got a lead on Bradley. He was here six months ago. Here, in this hotel.
Really? That's good news, right? Kyle, are you all right? You sound exhausted.
Only 'cause I am.
Just need a break. That's all.
You? Time off? If it ever happened, it would probably do you some good.

Rachel: I mean, it's not like you're a good salesman. I heard that you just used both of the items for free even though there's perfect opportunities to sell them?

You got any vacation time coming?
That's sweet, but don't put yourself out on my account. I can tell you need some alone time.
...Can't fool you, huh?
Remember when I said I didn't understand you? That was a lie. I think I understand you better than anyone.
I'll let Ed know you'll be out for a while.
All right, but... Ed's gonna kill me, isn't he?
Oh, probably! You know Ed! He'll huff and puff and slam doors and all that nonsense. Probably tell me to get you on the horn, pronto!
Sounds like Ed.
Just make sure you come back. OK, Kyle? I'll be waiting for you.
Thanks, Rach.

Dammit, Hyde. Shoulda just asked her to come.

And that's the final phone call in NG+. In NG it goes differently.

NG Final Phone Call posted:


Music: Endless Road

So what's the good word? Hee hee! Isn't that what Ed always says?
Yeah, that's it. Is he there?
Not yet, sweetie. I'm here all by my lonesome.
Give him a message for me. Tell him I'm gonna take some time off.
Wait, time off? YOU?
Yeah. Gonna hit the open road for a couple of weeks. ...See where it takes me.
Kyle... Did you find Bradley? Is that it?
...No. No, nothing like that. I just... I need a vacation.
OK, hon!
I'll let the big man know.
Ed's gonna kill me, isn't he?
Oh, probably! You know Ed! He'll huff and puff and slam doors and all that nonsense. Probably tell me to get you on the horn, pronto!
Sounds like Ed.
Just make sure you come back. OK, Kyle? I'll be waiting for you.

OK, Hyde. Time to hit the road.

It's significantly shorter.


Music: Monochrome

At least he knocked this time.

Music: Endless Road
Oh. It's you.
Look, do you... Do you have a minute?
What is it?
I wanted apologize. You know?
Yeah. I caused you a lot of trouble. I know that. And...I'm sorry.
Don't worry. Long as you mean it, we're square. So what's the plan, Angel? You heading back to Beverly Hills?
No, not yet. First I'm going to the police.
Talking to the Man, huh? You're turning yourself in?
Something like that.
You sure? It's going to be one hell of a hassle.

That's a huge understatement, considering the amount of money stolen.

Yeah, I know. But I did this, and I need to take responsibility for it.
Spoken like a man.
Oh, wait. Here. This is for you.

You wrote me a letter?
No, not me. I ran into that guy Summer in front of his room. I said I was coming to see you, and he asked me to deliver this. Guy wouldn't shut up, either.
Yeah, that's Summer.
Anyway, maybe I'll see you around.

Jeff wanders down the hall and out of sight.

Bye Jeff! Don't do anything stupid while in prison!

Guess I'll read Summer's letter. ...Hope it doesn't put me to sleep. Dear Mr. Hyde. I met Mrs. Parker and spoke at length with her about Alan. What a charming woman! At any rate, I have made her a promise. A promise to find Alan.

I will pen a best seller, and it will be mine and mine alone! And I have decided to model my protagonist after yourself!

An insurance investigator?

When my novel is finished, you will be the first person to whom I show it.
Farewell, good sir! May the winds of fortune be always at your back!
Oh. ...Joy.

Good luck! Hope your book is good enough for Rosa!

Music: Monochrome
As we go down the corridor...


Music: Endless Road

Are you leaving?
Thank you so much for your kindness of last night. I had a wonderful time.
You're not a bad drinking buddy yourself.

Will you be coming back this way again, Mr. Hyde?
Maybe. Who knows? You?
Oh, most definitely. And next time I will stay in the wish room! My wish will be granted, Mr. Hyde. I'm sure of it!

Better hope you didn't come minutes too late. Now that I think of it, does Dunning let guests reserve rooms?

I hope so.
Thank you.
Well, I'd better get going. Got a lot of miles to make.
Take care, dear.
You too.

*Helen goes back into her room*

Bye Helen! Funny how you didn't mention Martin's name at all during all this. She's probably all inside, which is why Martin got out earlier than everyone else.

For some reason in my other playthrough Helen doesn't appear here. It's probably because I didn't escort her?

Music: Monochrome
Music: Big Dreams

Iris is the only one whose conversation you won't trigger automatically. You have to go out of your way to the roof. It's nice that they bothered to put 3 sets of background in the roof (sunset, night, day).

Music: Endless Road
Mr. Hyde...
Nice morning, isn't it?
Yes, it is. It's a bit chilly, but it feels good in a way.
You talk to Kevin?
I told him I was Grace's sister. I also talked about our childhood and how we were raised.
How'd he take it?
I think he understands. I think he can see how important family is to Grace. That's why she did what she did to raise that money.
You talk about the tape?
...No. Grace gave it to me for a reason. ...And not to him. I didn't feel right bringing it up.
Makes sense.

Kyle? Are you going to brought up what "the one who paints the Angel" means? Or at least assure her that she unknowingly succeeds in her mission? No? Okay.

Are you leaving?
Yes, me too. I've got a photo shoot tomorrow.
Good luck with that.
Say, Mr. Hyde... Grace will come home, won't she?
What do you think?
I think she will.
No... I know she will.
Well, there you go.

Nice dodge.

Yes. Well...
Good-bye, Mr. Hyde.

How did Dunning know that Iris has a tape ? And that it was addressed to him? Did Grace sent him a letter, too? We never saw it if she did. And he doesn't do anything beside listen to it.

Music: Big Dreams
Music: Monochrome
Iris leaves. We did the same. We meet 2 more guests after going down the stairs.

Music: Endless Road

Hiya, mister!
Nice morning, huh? You finally get some sleep?
When I woke up, my dad was sitting next to me. And he told me good morning right away!
Sounds nice.
Yeah, and today we're gonna drive to the beach! And then we're finally gonna go home! Yaaaay!
That so?
Oh! And my dad told me a secret!
You want to tell me?
...He said that my mom loves me. And that's why she's gonna come home someday.



We're all checked out, sweetheart.
Tell Mr. Hyde thank you for being so nice to you.
Don't worry about it.
I'm glad I had the chance to talk to you, Mr. Hyde. I really am.
Let's go, Melissa.

And that's all the guests. Before we continue to the staffs (and Mila), let's deal with the mysterious message from the mysterious tape.

Music: So Noted

"A memento in a room of love." The room of love is referring to the room with love as the name, which means Room 220. It's also the only room we haven't been to.

Music: Monochrome

Music: Endless Road
(Something nostalgic in Room 220, huh? Guess I'd better take a look.)

Could that be... Nostalgic, huh?

So this was important to Mila, huh?

Music: So Noted

Music: Monochrome

And our final room is...weird. I mean, 2 beds next to each other with one of them not having any pillow, 2 lamps next to each other, 2 TVs stacked together and most importantly, no painting. Yep, definitely hasn't been used.
Fun fact: We can't examine anything anymore, so we can't examine this room.
With the sidequest done, let's continue on to the Lobby.

Music: Endless Road

"Top o' the mornin'"? Hey, DeNonno, you're Italian, remember?
To the bone, paisan! So what's the deal? Why ya carrying your suitcase? Don't tell me you're hitting the road already!
I am.
What? Aw, c'mon, Hyde, ya can't be serious. What now? Cat stuck in a tree somewheres? Grandma Patch need help crossin' a road?
You're hilarious, Louie. And I'm done helping people. I'm taking a vacation. Maybe get some sun. Find a nice beach somewhere and relax.
You? Relaxin'? World's gone crazy! But yeah, that sounds good to me, too.
So... How's Mila?
Aw, she's in Rosa's room. Heard she didn't sleep tog good last night.

Finding out that your father has been murdered tends to do that to people.

All the stuff what she's learned since comin' here? Must be rough, yeah?
Yeah, but I bet she'd like to see you, man. Best to stop by before you leave, ya dig?
I might.

Spoiler: We won't be able to end the game without going to Rosa's room.

Music: Monochrome

Music: Endless Road
Huh? That's Mila's voice.

...But, Rosa!

You can stay here as long as you want, Mila honey! There's no need to feel guilty about anything, and for a fact! You're not alone anymore, sweetheart. Louis and I are here for you. Hmm? Mr. Hyde? Well, no, he doesn't work here. He can't stay with you.

And if we try to go inside...

(I'd better just go...)

Music: Monochrome

Music: Endless Road
How's Mila doin'? Ya get a chance to talk to her? Did she mention me?

Well, Rosa mentioned you. Mila just said 2 words.

I didn't see her.
Why not, man?
It's better this way. Listen, Louie, I want you to take care of Mila.
What're you talkin' 'bout? Me and Mama Sass got everything covered. I bet even ol' man Dunning will lend a hand. Don't worry 'bout a thing.
So, uh, Hyde? You think Nile's still after me?
I think you're in the clear, pal. I think Nile's going to be busy chasing Bradley.
Oh, trip, man...
Louie, this whole damn day has been a trip.
I hear you, brother.
So... See ya around?
Bet your life, brother. We're partners, remember.
That's what I'm talking about!

And if we talk to him again...

Take care of yourself, Officer Hyde. And stay outta trouble!

No promises, Louie. Especially with the existence of a sequel.

Music: Monochrome

And finally, back to the first person we met here.

Music: Endless Road
Ya checkin' out?
Well, alrighty then. Ya paid for yer room in advance, but...
I'll be damned if ya didn't run up some charges!
Dunning, is that a phone bill?


Ah, forget it. This time it's on the house. But... Next time yer here, ya gotta promise t'stay in my suite! It's a peach of a room!

What, with history of a kidnapping in it?

Anyway, ya got yer room key? Gotta get Wish ready for the next guest, ya know.

Yep. I hear some guests claim the room's magic.
Ha ha ha!
Ya think that's funny?
Ya like laughin' at an old man's tales of the fantastic?
No, Dunning. It's not that. I was just thinking that...maybe there's some truth to it, is all. Maybe it granted some of my wishes, too.
Couple, huh?
Yeah. Can't get greedy, though. Guy like me has a lot of wishes.
...That so?
*gives the room 215 key. No indication if he gives back the room 217 key or the duplicate room 215 key along with the crowbar, pliers, screwdriver, black light, hammer and palette knife. Not to mention Dunning's personal items like his photo with Jenny and his letter from Evans. Let's hope he did.*[/i]
Well, thank ya much.
Year's almost over, ain't it? Happy New Year to ya.
You too, Dunning.

I was about to give Dunning a , but since he paid for the (should be massive) phone bill, he's mostly forgiven.

Oh, and if you're wondering, there's absolutely no change to the item descriptions. The Room 215 key

Just like the first time, we tap the door to open it.

Music: Silent Moon

Where...where are you going? Can I... Can I go with you?
Mila... *nods*

Mila will only follow Kyle if we actually revive her mouth-to-mouth. If we just touch her cheek, she will stay. Since she followed us and we have her treasure...

Is this...yours?

Music: Bright Crystal

Kyle alone posted:

Kyle alone posted:

And that's Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

Music: Violet Sky

Kyle is a good protagonist. Many adventure games have the protagonist be a blank slate, but I'm glad that Kyle's not one of them.

Dunning isn't bad, really. It's just that whenever he appears, you should be ready for Drunken Waltz.

Rosa is amazing . She basically singlehandedly solve Helen's past. And she got Louie, Martin and Kevin's characters without needing to investigate them. AND she managed to get Kyle several times! In the end, she doesn't really matter. Her past is just a trivia for another game while her confrontation is just about Mila.

Louie is best sidekick. 10/10 would work with again.

Jeff just appears in 3 chapters (1, 4, 5. I'm not counting this update.), but he really make those count. That's a good thing about him, at least. His plan is still extremely stupid, though. Not as stupid as Robert's, at least.

Helen is great in that she's the only one (other than Louie) who gave Kyle an actual puzzle. And her confession really makes Violet Sky work.

Martin is the source of the best Game Over. Did you notice that Dunning's opinion on him completely changed between Chapter 3 and 7? In Chapter 3 if you angered Martin he will kick you out because Martin is his chance to bring Hotel Dusk to fame. In Chapter 7 he just said "screw it" because Martin is too wordy .Martin and Helen's story is connected only to each other, unrelated to the whole Nile and Osterzone plot. Martin himself is probably the worst person in the characters we meet and yes, that includes Jeff. I mean, Jeff is just extremely stupid, but Martin is willfully stupid. At least he tried to rectify this by announcing his fraud in the newspaper in hopes that it will draw Alan out. In the sequel...

Iris has quite some mysteries surrounding her. Is she actually Cecily Lee or is she just someone who look very similar? If it's true, is Iris her real name or is it Cecily Lee or even something else entirely? Did Bradley arranged her being here through Grace?

Kevin's story has several similarities to Kyle's. They both has someone important to them doing questionable things, they ask those people why, then those people disappeared and now they're trying to find them. Grace's situation isn't as bad as Bradley, but it's still bad. Oh, and I love how his "happy" sprite is the one from when he was drunk.

Melissa's story has several similarities to Mila's. They both are mentally around 9 and both lost one of their parent for 6 months. Melissa herself has the honor of being the first possible cause of Game Over in the game.

Rachel has the honor being the only one whose conversation is different between NG and NG+. She is a lot closer to Kyle in NG+, mainly due to Kyle being more open in that one. Her teasing Kyle matches Rosa, so she's good in my book.

Ed's role is pretty much to be Kyle's source. He doesn't really do much otherwise. His face is only seen in the intro.

Mila didn't do much in the first half of the game. I kinda wonder what she's been doing during the 6 months between her waking up and now. Some of it is probably for therapy so that she can walk again after 10 years of coma.

Bradley's just lucky that Melissa, Kevin, Grace and Mila are here. Helen and Martin don't matter. Jeff is optional.

New Music: Hotel Dusk

Honestly, this update really gone a lot longer than I thought it would. In gameplay this will take like probably 20 minutes at most.

So that's Hotel Dusk: Room 215. It's a nice game with a great story. It does have a few part that's kinda bullshit and you're sure to get caught in it the first time (Chapter 4 room and Chapter 9 escort).

The character arts are amazing. The pencil-style with short animations for each sprite is a nice touch and adds quite some character. It's a shame I can't show most of it.

For those of you who have been reading this, thank you for reading this. I apologize if there's things wrong with this, especially since this is my first LP. In an unrelated note, try guessing where this CG came from.

The OP is posted in November, so this LP has been going on for 8 months. That's honestly much longer than I thought.

If we didn't get any Game Over throughout the game (loading game won't count, but retrying will), we get a scene after the credits.

Music stops

Hotel Dusk front desk

Almost! Land sakes, be a little patient for once!
Where's Louis?
He's getting the bar ready for the New Year's party.
I bet.
Does that take care of all the guests, Mr. Smith? Did everyone check out?
Yep. All done. Been a helluva year, ain't it, Rosa? But it's all done now.

So I guess the New Year party is just going to be between the 3 of them.

Is it really?
What're ya mumblin' 'bout, Rosa?
It's probably nothin', but... I just had the strangest feeling.
You and yer feelings! I had a dime fer every one, I'd be a damn millionaire. Last thing we need's for somethin' t'happen on New Year's Eve. I just want to...
...Mr. Smith?

*Door opens*

What is it? What's wrong? You're white as a sheet!

End of regular New Game posted: