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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 13: 05:00 PM

For this playthrough we're going with fresh save file. There's going to be a few differences but for the most part the story is the same. Let's try going directly to our room.

Hi there, Rosa. We'll just go to our room now.

Wait a minute, you!

This is for hotel guests only! Get out! Now! Before I call the police!

Fine, we'll check in. However, let's talk to her first.

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a sec?

Huh?! What do you want? I'm busy.

Music: Rainy Night

I'm waiting for a package.

I'm waiting for a package.

A package? No, I don't have a package. I'm the maid. No one gives me packages. If you're looking for a package, go to the front desk. OK? Great.

There's no one at the front desk.

Of course not. Well, there's a bell on the counter. Ring it. You know? Ding ding?

That oughta get Dunning's attention.

Got it.

The question isn't answered, so it's still there and we have to exit the question screen manually.

Music: Hangover Blues
Are you a guest? If you're a guest, you have to check in. Go to the front desk in the lobby. Ring the bell. Ask for Dunning. Got it?


Fine, let's do it the normal way.

Music: Same as previous updates

Ring the bell and talk to Dunning.

However, we won't press any yellow triangle this time. There's some dialogue but since you guys said you don't need to see it I won't show it.

This choice comes up without pressing. I'll show the other option because why not?

Say, a suite sounds nice.

All right, give me the suite.


How much?

Well, it'll normally run ya three-fifty. But I'll let ya have it for three bills, even.

Three hundred dollars? You think I'm an idiot? That's ricidulous!

It's a fair price! I'm tellin' ya, that room's worth every cent!

I'll pass. I don't have that kind of walking-around money.

Just window-shoppin', eh? Hell, that was a waste'a time for both'a us.

Continue as normal...

Bla bla bla...

I'm not going to show skipping dialogue anymore. I'll just show images to imply what happened. When it doesn't actually skip I'll tell you.

In a new file Kyle actually mentions that he put the brochure in the notebook. Ignore the orange questions, this image is taken from previous update.

Notice that we don't actually get the orange question (previous image doesn't count).
We can't actually progress until we asked this question. I tried. Kyle just says he forgot to ask about the package.

As we try to go to the central hallway...

New Music: Insomnia
(Wait a minute...)
(Dunning said something while I was checkin in...)
Yer name really Kyle Hyde?
Yeah, sure. Forget about it.
(I wonder why my name got that reaction.)
Alright, let's...
(That reminds me...)
(When Dunning gave me my room key, he said something...)
Naw, forget it.
I'm sure a man like you would think the story's a waste'a time!
(I wonder what story he was talking about.)
Are we done ye...
(That reminds me...)
(When I asked about my package, Dunning said something...)
Ya send a package to a hotel when ya don't even have a reservation? Nice...
Oh, and this package better not be anything that's gonna cause problems!
(I wonder what he meant about causing problems.)

Finally! That's what happens when you don't press. It doesn't happen every time. But I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Oh, right. That. As I said, it's randomized every playthrough.

Music: Same as previous updates

This one we DO want to press.

Ha! She's afraid of Mom!

Same dialogue as last time, including the red aura.

Again, pressing. But this time we pick the other option.

Mom must be a jerk!

I guess your mom must be a real tyrant.

Am I wrong? What, you done talking now?

And you're a JERK!


The girl starts sobbing and runs up the stairs.

What the hell?

After we talked to Jeff and tried to move to our room...

New Music: Drunken Waltz
What's yer problem, Hyde? You like hasslin' little girls?

No, it wasn't like-

Her old man just called the front desk and bawled me out! Told me a fella in a jacket and tie picked a fight with his daughter.

That's real nice, Hyde. Ya like makin' girls cry? Real tough guy, eh? I ain't gonna have a grown man pickin' on girls in my hotel! No damn way!

Now get the hell out before I throw ya out myself!


New Music: Dream's End
(I wasn't trying to make the kid cry! That's not why I yelled at her!)

Oh, crap...

That's how we can get a game over. By pissing people so much until Dunnning kicks you out. Retry returns the game to the point right before the game over trigger, in this case before we talk to Melissa.

And Just For Fun, I'll make a GAME OVER SCOREBOARD in which other characters try to make Kyle get kicked out.
Current scores:
Melissa: 1
Everyone else: 0

Going back to the choice...

Music: Same as previous updates

C'mon, stop crying.

We heard this before.


You're in the way. Move. I don't have time to mess around.


And we're at the second floor without doing the puzzle.

Not pressing this skips the first talk with Jeff.

Kyle doesn't mention the 'wish' story this time since he hasn't heard it. The phone rings as before. We can't exit the room or try to open the suitcase while the phone is ringing.
The conversation with Rachel is slightly different than in NG+, enough that I decided to include it.

Music: Serenity

Glad to hear you arrived in one piece.

Hey, Rachel.

Right on time, I see.

Like always. Listen, do me a favor and give Ed a message. Tell him he doesn't need to have you checking up on me with every little thing. I got my instructions. I'm on top of it.

You're on top of it? Really? How refreshing.

Thanks for the confidence, Rachel. It's nice to be trusted. Tell Ed that, too.

Well, I wouldn't dream to speak for the boss, but I trust you. Out there all alone. Working hard. Busting your tail to get things done. At least I think so...

You think so? What the hell's that mean?

Oh, come on, Kyle! You're not exactly an open book! That's why there are all those rumors...

What rumors?

Don't act like you don't know! I've heard some crazy things about you. You're an ex-cop from New York who was on the take and had to leave town? Or a mystery man on the run from some shadowy organization? People are saying all kinds of things, sweetie.

Let 'em talk.

You want to know what I think? I think you're a handsome burnout who crawled into a bottle and never came out. I don't buy the whole "man of mystery" bit.

Glad you think so highly of me.

So has the package arrived?

Not yet. Maybe the deliveryman crawled into a bottle.

Hmm... Well, when it arrives, check the order sheet and give me a call.

Right. Is that all that's in the package? An order sheet?

No, there are some new products in there, too.

New products? What am I supposed to do with them?

You're a salesman, Kyle. Try selling something. Oh, and those are Ed's orders. Not mine.

Door-to-door sales in a hotel? That'll be fun.

Oh, and one more thing. I put the client list in the package, too.

Oh, that.

"Oh, that"? Listen, mister, "that" is a salesman's best friend! Be nice! When the package arrives, don't just leave the client list in the box, all right? Put it in your suitcase!

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Bye, sweetie. Don't forget to call.


Ed usually contacts me through his secretary, Rachel. She's quite the looker. Always willing to give me the straight skinny, too.

Dunning didn't call this time. To get the package to arrive, we have to ask Dunning all of the questions and try to open the suitcase. But as we try to go down the stairs...

Music: Pink Rabbit
You again?

Music: Same as previous updates (I'll call it Sapu from now on)

We can actually skip the puzzle again. Notice the lack of 'solving the puzzle' in the above event flags. However, there's a particular question I want to get, so I'll do it now.
If we didn't solve the puzzle before meeting Louie, we'll learn Melissa's name the next time we meet her and find the puzzle piece the next time we go down the stairs.

The script actually loops back to this choice if we didn't press.

Move it, dammit!

Move it, kid. You're in the way.


I said move it! This is why I hate kids...

Enough!! Give me the damn puzzle!

Continue as normal

If we take too long on this puzzle Melissa will make a comment that is not worth showing off.

Music: Rainy Night

The three orange questions with gray '?' are the ones you get from a flashback. We already got it from pressing.

Who's the kid on the stairs?

Who's the kid on the stairs?

There's a kid on the stairs?

Aw, hell! That musta been Melissa. She and her father are stayin' in Room 219.

Melissa, huh?

Yep, she's a real cutie. Not like most kids nowadays. Buncha long-haired punks...

We talking about the same kid? The Melissa I met was more barracuda than girl.

Ha! You fell into her little trap, I bet!



Made ya solve that puzzle'a hers, right?


Yeah, me too. Don't pay it no nevermind.

Triple negatives!

She's just tryin' to get some attention, ya know? She's gotta be lonely here, so don't get too upset with her, all right?

And we'll skip the rest of the questions. After the questions, Dunning will ask us to pay him. I'll skip it because the dialogue is exactly the same as the call. Moving on...

We'll continue this alternate timeline next time!