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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 17: Searching For the Items

(Well, what now...)

(Guess I have to start searching this dump.)

Music: Monochrome

There's nothing currently in the room, so let's go outside.

Huh? Someone's in the hall.

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh. You.

What're you doing?

What? Me? What am I doing? What's it look like I'm doing? I'm cleaning!

Work my fingers to the bone, but you think this place stays clean?

Of course not. Know why? One of our guests is a slob, that's why!

Don't look at me.

I finished this game several times and still don't know for sure who this refers to. Melissa and her father maybe?

Cleaning isn't easy, you know! It's a backbreaking, thankless task.

And the DeNonno boy? HA! It's his job to clean the floor, but he's so lazy!

(??? Louie? ???)

Boy up and vanishes whenever there's work to be done.

I bet he's goofing around somewhere. Eating chips and watchin' TV and so forth. Oh, and speaking of Louis, I've got ANOTHER thing to tell you!

Remember that girl you met earlier? Mila? Remember her? That two-bit Casanova says he's fallen in LOVE with her! I know! Poppycock, right?

(??? He's in love with Mila? ???)

Yes! I swear, mooning over girls is the only thing he puts an effort to.

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What're you looking at?
Write note
What're you writing?
If I don't show any more items, it means that the new items give the same 'others' response as before.

Tell me about Louie.

Tell me about the DeNonno kid.

He's a useless bum!

Useless, huh?

Yes! Useless! That's what I said!

But smooth as butter, that one. Knows enough to tell folks what they like to hear.

But when you really need him, he's nowhere to be found! What a snake!

Anyway, that's why I'm the one that does all the work around this place.

Want my opinion? We should let him go! He's more trouble than he's worth. Oh, I asked Dunning about a replacement. Someone who might actually try! Buuut...

Since we're back to the main timeline, we're going to press every time.


What stories?

What stories?

Well... I don't know if I should...

You're the one who brought up stories. Spill it!

You talking about the whole wish-granting thing?

Don't be dense! It isn't anything as silly as that.

Truth be told? The whole thing goes back to the hotel's previous owner.

Oh really?



Got a sec?

You can't talk?

So what's this thing you shouldn't be talking about?

Tell me.

I don't want to talk about it!

Hold on a second.

We already got a red aura, so we shouldn't push any further.

OK. I won't push you.

OK. I get it. I won't make you talk.

How's Mila doing?

How's Mila doing?

She's in my room catching up on her sleep. Poor thing. She must have been exhausted... I laid her down on the sofa and gave her some tea, and she fell right asleep.

She say anything?

Not a word. Maybe she's mute. Pretty odd, that, don't you think? I'm not sure what I'll do if she keeps this up.

I guess I'll watch over her tonight and then give the police a call tomorrow.

...I see.

Hold on just a darn minute!

Don't tell me you've fallen for the girl, too!

No, it's not that. I just-

(It's that bracelet Mila was wearing. If it's really the same one Bradley had...)

You just what?

I just need to ask her something.

Ha! I bet! I can just bet what you'll ask her! Well? What's it about?

A bracelet.

It's about the bracelet she's wearing.

Bracelet? Why would you care about that? Huh? It's just an old trinket.

It looks like one an acquaintance of mine used to wear. I want to know where she found it.

An acquaintance of yours had one? Well, isn't that something!

Look, it'll just take a second. Let me swing by your room and see her.

Not right now. No, no, I don't think so. Nope.

Then when?

Let her sleep a bit longer.

Anytime after 8 will be fine. You can get to my room from the lobby. Go through the door that says Staff Only and walk down the hall. My room's the first one after the hall bends to the left.

Got it.

(Rosa's room at eight o'clock. Better write a note in my notebook so I remember.)

You can write it since you have 3 pages, but it's not necessary. The game will remind you when the time arrives.

Music: Hangover Blues
Oh, no!


I have to go and prep the restaurant! I'm late!

I shouldn't have stood here chatting with you! I have to go! Busy busy!

You work in the restaurant?

You got it. I ALSO do all the cooking for this hotel!

I've got more things to do than ten men! It's a wonder I manage to keep up!

Sorry to cut you off, but I've got to go. Gotta run! Oh, I'm so late...


Oh! If you run across that deadbeat Louis, tell him Rosa wants to see him!

Got it? Good!

Rosa finishes talking, turns, and scuttles away.

Music: Monochrome
After moving a few steps there's a whistle sound.

Somebody's whistling...

We then goes through the hallway, checking every door. The guest rooms have nothing interesting except...


Melissa sees my face and slams the door.

...yeah. The door to the right hallway and the roof are both locked.


(Nobody here.)

There's nothing to do here for now but let's just examine the things here.

Music: Straight Chaser

Trash can There's nothing in the garbage can.
Faucet It's a faucet. Just a boring old faucet.
Sink This sink's been used a lot. I don't think it will ever be white again.

Single box Some cardboard boxes. Must be full of cleaning supplies.
Stacked boxes There are some cardboard boxes stacked up in the corner of the room.
Sign near boxes "Caution: Cleaning in Progress." Pays to be safe, I guess.
Sign near bucket The sign says No Admittance. This would just make me curious.
Mops It's a bucket and a mop. I'll mop the floor with you, mop! Ha ha ha...
Bucket It's a bucket and a mop.

Left & Middle locker It's a steel locker.
Right locker It's a steel locker. Wonder if I could cram Louie into this thing?
Left bottle That's a bottle of cleanser. Smells like a hospital.
Middle bottle It's a bottle of cleanser. Generic brand, I think.
Right bottle There's a bottle of cleanser on top of the locker.
Mop It's a mop. Gotta have these if you want clean floors.
Broom It's a broom and a huge dustpan. Dust bunnies? More like dust mammoths.

Locker There's a steel locker next to the door.

That's all we can examine in the utility closet. That leaves only one room.

Music: Monochrome

Insert whistle sound here.

I can hear whistling coming from this room.

Knock Looks like no one's in.


Somebody in here?


Music: Easy Feeling
Oh, it's you... Don't sneak up on me like that! You dig? This is where we keep the sheets and pillowcases and all that girly stuff. Not a place where folks like you can just...hang out!

I heard someone whistling. Door was open, so I looked.

Yeah, sure, man. Bet that's just how it went down...

We can't actually examine anything in this room yet, so we have to talk to Louie.
We'll talk to him later (notice the magazine in the screen).