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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 25: Chapter 2 Quiz

Music: Play It Again

While searching for the things listed there, I ran into Rosa. She was cleaning, but I learned some news about Louie. Louie's fallen hard for a dame named...

No, that ain't right. Iris is the snooty dame in 216.
No, that ain't right. Helen's the old gal staying in 212.

Iris should've been correct. He did fall for her in chapter 1.


Music: Midnight
Yeah, that's her. Rosa said Louie's gone gaga for Mila.

Music: Play It Again

Said there's been a weird story about the hotel floating around for years. Seems people are talking about a ghost appearing here. The story got its start about...

Five years ago
No, that ain't it. Five years back was when Dunning bought the hotel. Picked it up after it'd gone bankrupt.
Three years ago
No, that ain't it. Three years ago is when I quit the force. The same time Bradley disappeared.

Ten years ago

Music: Midnight
That's right. A young girl was murdered here ten years ago. Case was never solved.

Music: Play It Again

I waited for Dunning to leave, then went in and tossed the place. The thing I found in the cabinet was...

A crowbar
No, that ain't it. I found the crowbar in a toolbox in the linen storage room.
A paper clip
No, that ain't it. The paper clip was on the desk in Room 215.

Paper clip will still be an option even if we never examine it or pick it up.

A small red box

Music: Midnight
That's right. After I figured out how to unlock the cabinet. I found the little red box I'd been looking for.

Music: Play It Again

He wanted to know if I'd been talking to Rosa or Dunning about him. He was worried I'd told 'em about his criminal record, but I hadn't. But when I talked to Ed later on, I learned something new about Louie. The new thing was...

He would get fired
No, that ain't it. I did give Louie a bit of an earful about that, but I don't really care.
He was in love
No, that ain't it. Whoever Louie decided to moon over's no concern of mine.

Nile was after him

Music: Midnight
That's right. That's what Ed told me. Louie's pal got murdered, and all the money he was carrying disappeared.

Music: Play It Again

I found him in his room and made him spill his guts. I needed to know why he decided to leave the streets behind. Louie finally cracked and told me what was what. Seems there was an undercover cop involved in his friend's murder. The name of Louie's pal was...

No, that ain't right. Dunning's the old coot that owns this place.
No, that ain't right. Jeff's the young kid who gave Mila a ride to the hotel.


Music: Midnight
That's right. Louie's buddy was named Danny. Louie told me all about how his pal got double-crossed by an undercover cop. The cop was Bradley.

Music: Play It Again

That information brought me a step closer to Bradley's trail. But why did Bradley turn his back on the force? Why did he betray me? Even after all this time. I still don't have a clue.

Music: Silent Moon
Listen, Bradley. I don't know where you're at, or what you're doing. But I know the answer is somewhere in this hotel. A man stayed here six months ago. A man with my name. I know you're connected in some way, Bradley. Tonight, Hotel Dusk's going to show me how.