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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 47: Returning the Tools

Since we now have the coins, we can use the vending machine. Let's do that before going up.

Music: Straight Chaser

Use coins on vending machine There's a coin slot on the front of the machine.

We'll look at what's available first.

We have those four and the mystery item with a mystery number.

We'll just buy the first two items for now. We'll buy the other two in the alternate timeline.
I'm sure most people reading this know how to use a vending machine so I won't explain how. I'll just point out that everytime we buy an item we're kicked out back to the map screen. It's annoying.

Potato chips.

(Never know when I might need these.)

It's chocolate.

(I'll save this for when I need a pick-me-up.)

Music: So Noted

We're only buying 2 items for now because we only had 4 coins (now 2).

Music: Monochrome
So now we go up the stairs.

Music: Drunken Waltz
Hyde! Get out!
What!? Why?
Because I say so! Get out!
Music: Dream's End

That doesn't actually happen but it's sadly plausible. We'll just ignore him and get the autograph...


It's Kyle Hyde.

I'm sorry, I'm a bit busy and can't come to the door right now. Please come back later.

Let's spend time at the linen.

(...This ain't good. Going into the linen room now would look pretty suspicious.)

What's goin' on?

Don't mind me.

Dunning's last line was automatically cut off by Kyle's.

Dunning's blocking the utility closet so we can't go there. I guess we'll just see what he's up to.

Music: Hangover Blues
Evenin', Mr. Hyde.

So what's behind that door? It's not a guest room, is it?

Huh? What is this, twenty questions? It's just a utility closet, since ya hafta know!


Yep. It's where we keep stuff for cleanin' and so forth. I was just...tryin' to find some things.

Your bellboy lose more packages?

Real comedian, ain't ya? No, not this time.

To be honest with ya, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

Why's that?

Well, some hotel equipment has gone missing.

(??? Gone Missing? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
Hey, what're ya lookin' at?
Write note
Hey, what're ya writin'?
Show potato chips
Hey, chips! I love chips! Thanks a bunch, Mr. Hyde! (Takes the chips)
Show chocolate bar
I ain't a fan'a chocolate. Gives me gas.

What's missing?

So what's missing?

Some tools from a toolbox I keep in the linen closet.

(...Uh-oh. Someone noticed they're gone.)

Put 'em all together and I bet they ain't worth two bits, but still...

I'd like to find the thief and take it outta his hide! Maybe I'll get lucky and whoever took 'em will just put 'em back.

Or you can say that Dunning wanna take it outta his Hyde, eh?

Stranger things have happened.

And some things have vanished from my office, too! Don't matter if those get returned or not. I find the thief, he's outta here!

That so?

Bet yer ass. And to top it off, I got still MORE crap t'deal with today!

Nutcase, huh?

You mean Jeff?

You must be talking about Jeff.

Yep, that's the one.

All I need's some punk shootin' off his mouth 'bout how somethin' got stolen.

(??? What got stolen from Jeff? ???)

What was stolen?

What got stolen?


Wow. That was quick. Last time we asked he refused.

Music stops
Money, huh? (Couldn't be...)

Yep. Now he's telling me I gotta search every guest's things. I tell ya, I got a headache the size'a Texas.

Music: Hangover Blues
Do me a favor and keep yer eyes open, will ya? Ya see anyone actin' all suspicious, ya lemme know. I wanna nip this thing in the bud before it gets outta hand.


Thanks, pal. All right, I gotta get on it.

Hold on a second.


There's something you said when I checked in that's been bugging me. You said there was another guest a while back with the same name as me, right?

I did? Same name as you?

Oh, yep. That's right. I did. I remember now.

Could you tell me a little more about the guy?

Well, he was tall. And he dressed a lot nicer 'an you.

Yeah, yeah, you told me that already. You got anything besides a fashion report?

Naw, that's it.


What's goin' on, Mr. Hyde? Why ya so interested in this guy anyway?

Well, truth is, I'm kinda looking for somebody.

Kinda? Either yer lookin' or ya ain't, pal! ...So who ya tryin' to find?

Guy I used to work with.

Hmph. That so? Sorry, but I don't remember anythin' else. Hell, I'm lucky I remember m'own name.

Yeah, I hear you.

I'll see ya later.

Gotta love how Kyle snarks in the usual "character exit". I guess we should return the tools from the toolbox.

Music: Straight Chaser

Use crowbar on toolbox

It's time to return this crowbar to the toolbox.

OK. That takes care of that.

Use screwdriver on toolbox

Better put this screwdriver back in the toolbox. You and I never saw each other, OK?

Especially since the screwdriver does jack shit.

Use pliers on toolbox

OK, pliers, time to go home. Thanks for your help.

And done.

Now let's see if Martin's finally available.


Please, please! Come in, my philographist friend!

Apparently, philographist is someone who collects autographs/handwritings.

Mirror The mirror's very clean.
Bottles There's some shampoo. What, no conditioner?
Sink Nice to see you, sink. My, how shiny you are.
Towels Towels are fresh and fluffy. Rosa's the only good thing about this place.
Tissue Toilet paper. Quite possibly the best invention ever.
Toilet Hello there, toilet. How's it feel to be spoken to?
Bathtub Good day, bathtub. Looking rather sparkly today.
Curtain There's a shower curtain around the tub.

Lamp Hey, a lamp. Shocking.
Shelf There's a shelf next to the bed.
Painting Hey, it's another of my favorite paintings... A still life.
Bed Let's see...blankets, mattress, pillows... Yeah, it's a bed.
Phone There's a telephone on the shelf.

Lamp There's a tall lamp in the corner of the room.
Fridge It's a small refrigerator. Maybe Summer left a sandwich in there...
Brochure That's one of the hotel brochures.
TV TV's turned off.
Cabinet What's the little table thingie under a TV called? TV table? TV stand?

Music: Easy Feeling
Can I get that autograph?

Most certainly.

Now where should I pen my John Hancock?

(??? He seems pleased... ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
May I ask what you are looking at?
Write note
May I ask what you are writing?

We'll show the items and ask the questions in the next update.