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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 77: 09:40 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

Welcome back to the fetch quest!

First thing first, we can actually find Rosa after accepting the quest.

Music: Hangover Blues
Got a minute?
What is it? Mr. Hyde, I have a ton of work to do. I can't chat now! Busy, busy, busy!

Music: Sapu

I didn't say that it would be anything interesting.

This is what will happen if we try to peel the label without asking both Iris and Martin about their wine. I would think that peeling all 3 labels would be faster but this chapter gotta have its padding, I guess.

At least we only have to examine one bottle to make this question appear. It can be any bottle.

Show NougaChew!
Well, that looks good!
But now I'm on this silly diet, and know how that goes.
Show candy
Oh, is that candy? Imagine getting something sweet from someone so crass.
All the same, I'll pass.
Show Pinkie Rabbit doll
Isn't that Pinkie Rabbit? I had one of those when I was a girl.

Since I forgot about it earlier, here is the final number for the doll. Like I said before, it's randomized every playthrough.

There's a kinda hard-to-get game over when peeling off the label.

First, we have to peel the label halfway.

This will bring us back to the minigame. Yes, the quit button here also doesn't work. Anyway, the label is still halfway peeled off. Now we have to pull it quickly and...

There we go! I don't think this is possible without quitting. I tried pulling it as fast as I can but it still wouldn't rip without me quitting.

I'm beat.

So here you are, Mr. Hyde.
Are you having trouble with the wine label? You seem to be...

That last one advances automatically, by the way.

Huh. That was flimsier than I thought.

Music: Drunken Waltz
You ripped it, Mr. Hyde! You RIPPED it! Now what are you going to do? Huh?

We don't have any more bottles of this wine!
And poor Mrs. Parker was so looking forward to taking this label home with her. She's going to be heartbroken.
So let me ask you again, what are you going to do about it?

Music: Dream's End
Great... Smooth, Hyde. Real smooth.

Hyde spent the rest of the night brooding in his room.

I contemplated about who to blame for this game over.

FoolyCharged posted:

I'm not sure how, but it is definitely Jeff's fault.

Well, let's throw Jeff out of the spotlight. He had his moments in the last 2 chapters. I'll blame this one on Rosa.

Louie: 6
Jeff: 6
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 5
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1

I'm tempted to blame Helen for this, but ultimately Rosa is the one at fault, as the giver of the fetch quest. She should've mentioned that there's only one bottle left BEFORE leaving Kyle to the task!

It's interesting that this is the first non-confrontation Game Over where Kyle didn't get kicked out by Dunning, so there's that.

Music: Sapu

We give the label to Helen and start the confrontation. For the record, the quit button in the question screen here doesn't work.

Out with it! Who was it?!

Yeah. It matters.

I have no intention of discussing that with you. Please understand.

Loop and skip.

I bet he's dead!

So he's pushing up daisies or what?

No! No, of course not! I can't believe that's true!

I don't know, I'm getting that vibe myself. Especially since both you and Martin never heard from him for years.
Technically Bradley did that too, albeit for a shorter time and Grace with even shorter time (Do you guys remember who Grace is?).

Anyway, loop and skip.

Who was this person?

You hate him.

It was someone you hate.

Whatever are you saying, Mr. Hyde? No, of course not!

Why don't you contact him?

He forgot all about you.

I don't know if being dead counts as forgetting her or not.

I think he forgot you.

No! No... Impossible!

Music: Countdown
What now?
I thought perhaps you were the one person I could tell about my past, Mr. Hyde.
But obviously you are a man who crashes through life oblivious to emotions.
I have nothing more to say to you. Please leave my room.

Music: Sunset Men
I make my way back to 215.

What's with Helen? Why didn't she open up? Way to go, Hyde.
You've officially hit a dead end. Never thought my search for Bradley would get derailed by a little old lady.
Guess that's what I get for being such a sap.

Hyde spent the rest of the night brooding in his room.

Louie: 6
Jeff: 6
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 5
Martin: 3
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1
Helen: 1

Finally Helen has her own game over after 6 chapters!

This one will happen only if you answer the second choice incorrectly. The first choice, even though it leads to more questions, doesn't matter.

I guess it's because answering the second choice leads to getting this pen, which is what Helen cares about.

The rest is the same, so next time we'll move on to Chapter 7, where we'll confront guess who.