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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

by 1234567890num

Part 84: Talking to Iris


Music: Slow Steps

Something I wanted to ask you.
You know anybody runs a gallery down in Santa Monica?
That's a rather odd question, isn't it?
You were talking about a gallery at the bar. While you were drinking with Kevin Woodward? Remember? Guy from Room 219?
I remember my actions quite well, thank you. I didn't black out or anything. And what business is this of yours?
Just curious.
Do you want me to believe that you've suddenly become a patron of the arts?
Yeah, that's me. I'm a big fan of apple paintings and armless statues.

Sure, Kyle. I'm sure Iris believes you.

If you must know, I merely mentioned a gallery where an associate of mine works. Mr. Woodward then told me, with no prompting from me, that he knew of it.

(??? Woodward knew the gallery? ???)

Actually, I... I'm glad you're here. I need to speak with you about something. Believe it or not, I don't have anyone else to turn to for help.
Oh, I believe it.


Just come in, will you?

Music: Monochrome

Welcome to Room 216. We can't examine anything here. There are no paintings above the bed this time, only the one shown on that screenshot.

Music: Slow Steps
So where's the fire, Iris?
When I returned to my room, it felt...odd.


What's odd?

What's odd?
My suitcase has been moved! It's subtle, but it's definitely been moved.
You're sure?
Yes, I'm positive. Someone's been in here. Whoever it was must have waited until I was out, then broke in.

(??? Was anything stolen? ???)

Music: Rainy Night

Read note
What are you looking at?
Write note
Mr. Hyde, what are you writing?

Was anything stolen?

Was anything stolen?
You contact the front desk? I hear Dunning has experience with this kind of thing.
Not yet.
I mean I should, but...
There'll be so many questions, and I hate questions. Besides, no one ever tries to catch a thief unless lots of money is stolen.

I think Louie would try to help Iris since, well, it's Louie. Dunning would just be

So they didn't take your money?
That's right.
...So what DID they take?
I can't say.
Then I can't help.
You would consider helping me?
Depends on how cooperative you are.

The last two sprites appear for a split second, but it's amusing enough so I just have to put it in.

I lost a small envelope.

(??? Wonder what was in it... ???)

What about the gallery?

So what's the name of the gallery you know?

Wait a second.

How do you know it?

How do you know about the place?
...A friend of mine works there.
That's all.

What was in the envelope?

So what was in this small envelope? A small letter?
I can't tell you.
I was sworn to secrecy, Mr. Hyde. You must believe me. I made a promise to the person who gave it to me.

(??? You got it from someone else? ???)

Who gave you the envelope?

So someone gave you the envelope, right? Anything else you can tell me? Was there anything written on it?
I can't say.
Then I can't help.
Good luck, lady.
I'm outta here.
Why must you be such a crass, insensitive lout?!
Fine! Fine, I'll tell you! Just...give me a moment...
I'm impatient. Who gave it to you?
It was Grace.

(??? Who the hell's Grace? ???)

You'll find her name written on the back of the envelope.

Who is Grace?

You going to tell me who Grace is?
She's...a friend.
What kind of friend?
She's a friend, Mr. Hyde! What about that is so difficult for you to comprehend? You may live your life under a rock somewhere, but I... Oh, why am I talking to you about this? It's none of your business!
None of my business? All right, lady, whatever you say.

That's a nice thing to say to someone you asked for help.

Music: Slow Steps
All right. I'm off. I'll drop in if I find anything.
...Thank you. Helping me is more kindness than I expected.
Don't get used to it. I ain't doing this for you.
But then...
I'm just curious about what got stolen. That's all.
You don't say?
Oh, but I do. Got a hunch about your mystery envelope and whatever's inside it. I think it's going to shine a light on some shadows I've been following for a while.

Glad Kyle's poetry isn't exclusive to end-of-chapter quizzes.

Mr. Hyde, what on earth are you talking about?
See ya.

Kyle goes out of the room.

(A little envelope...)
(Something that would fit inside a little envelope...)

Music: Monochrome

Hey, look who's there. Let's get closer.


Kevin leaves.

(Wonder if he was hoping to see Iris.)
(Either way, he's up to something. Guess it's time to put the good doctor to the coals.)