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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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Part 87: 10:00 PM

Music: Same as previous updates (Sapu)

No phone call from Rachel this time.

I'll have a martini.

Why do you think I'm here? Give me a martini. Make it dry.

The rest goes the same for now...

Because you keep pestering them until they do?

Not this guy!

Not a one, pal.
Yeah, all right. Have it your way.

Kyle then sits as usual. But because we ordered differently...

The world stops for a moment as I sit and stare into the glass. The taste of gin and vermouth lingers on my lips. The only kiss I've known in years...

Notice how there's no picture of Kyle with the glass like with the scotch one. And that this is a missed opportunity for a James Bond reference.
After Kyle reminisce about Bradley, Louie called.

How's the martini? Ya know, someone once called it the "elixir of quietude."
Smart man, too. I gotta hand it to you, Louie, this is the best martini I've ever had. You even got the perfect amount of lemon in it.

...It's a lie.

No, I... I was lying.
'Course not, man. ...I knew that.
You was just trying to set me straight, yeah? I getcha, Hyde.
But, hey, who's gonna believe a cop's pops was crackin' safes? Gotta do better next time, dig?
...Yeah. I'll... I'll do that.

Yup, the story really seems like it's true after all.

I don't get it.

Kyle, why are you smiling?

I'm talking 'bout bowling! You know? Balls? Pins? Those little hand-dryer thingies?
I thought I was the only guy around here who liked bowling.
Get outta here! You roll, Hyde? No way!
You want to see? When I throw a strike, pins beg for mercy.
Yeah, right. What else ya sellin'?

Talk about plagiarism.

It's about you being a low-down book thief.
Yes, the manuscript...
What's your plan?

As a reminder, this is about who we gave the pen to.

I better lie to him.

The maid. Rosa.
What did you say? The person for whom you requested my autograph?
Yeah, she's a fan of yours.
I...see... She must have been gravely disappointed to learn of my duplicity.
Could be.

Here ya go!

Forgive me, but please cancel my order. I find I've lost my thirst.
If you'll excuse me...

Summer turns and slowly walks away, head down and shoulders slumped.

Man, what happened? You kill his cat or somethin'?
Whatever you say... Well, hope you like drinkin' alone.

Louie leaves.

(Guess I didn't need to say that.)

That didn't go so well. We didn't get to learn about Cecily Lee. Oh well, let's go outside.

Music: High Spirits
Music: Over Easy
Music: Monochrome

We didn't meet Melissa, and Rosa's waiting at a different spot.

Music: Hangover Blues
Hey, Rosa.
Oh, hello, Mr. Hyde. Sigh...
Glad I inspire such high spirits. What's wrong?
Well, Mr. Summer just came up to me and... He asked me the strangest thing! He asked me to return his autograph. Can you believe it?
Exactly! I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I can't very well erase it...and I'm not giving him my book! I don't care if he wrote it!
And when I asked him what was wrong? And why he needed it back? He just kept saying the same thing over and over; "You know why! You know why!" And he was red in the face! It was like talking to a tomato, and for a fact!

I think we broke Martin Also, does him being red like a tomato count as a red aura? Because we didn't get one when we're talking to him and I'm have a feeling that a Game Over is coming.

Oh, shit! I was right At least the music hasn't changed. Yet.

So here ya are, Hyde.
You need me for something?
Got somethin' to ask ya!
Something wrong, Mr. Smith?
Ya could say that!
Mr. Summer just checked outta the hotel.
He checked out? Really? At this hour? But why?
Hell if I know!
So? What's this got to do with me?
I'm gettin' to it, all right?
I thought ya might know why Mr. Summer decided to skedaddle off!

Music: Drunken Waltz
And there it is! Kyle's fucked.

I heard Mr. Summer mumblin' to himself on his way out the door. Said he wished he'd never talked to ya.

Music: Dream's End
(Way to go, Hyde. This is what I get for lying to Summer earlier.)


Wait, you're still here? Oh, right. We're not kicked out yet.

Something wrong, Hyde?
Yeah, maybe... I gave Summer a hard time earlier. Didn't think he'd get so upset he'd leave the hotel.
Land sakes, Mr. Hyde! What were you thinking? He was-

Music: Drunken Waltz
Shut yer yap, Rosa.
Don't talk to me like that, you old sourpuss! And why aren't you angry?

That's a VERY good question.

Don't let it bother ya, Mr. Hyde. Truth be told, I never liked that puffed-up fool. Guy never knew when to shut up.
And he worried 'bout every little thing! Little mama's boy, that one! What sorta man don't get havin' a drink and needlin' his pals? All he had t'do was laugh it off and give ya a shot back. Am I right?
I guess...
Damn straight I am!
Well, that's what I was thinking.
Look at that, Mr. Hyde. You and me agree on somethin'.
What say we amble down to the bar and have ourselves a drink? Nothin' washes away the stress like a stiff belt, am I right?
Sure. Why not?
Rosa! I'm gonna let you finish up here. I'm gonna go buy Mr. Hyde a drink.
Why am I not surprised?
C'mon, Mr. Hyde! We got a long night ahead of us!
We do?

Louie: 6
Jeff: 6
Dunning: 5
Rosa: 5
Martin: 4
Melissa: 2
Iris: 1
Helen: 1

Best game over in the game. Hyde gets to drink all night long for free. That must be nice. Too bad about Bradley, though.

Music: Sapu

I'll tell him the truth.

Rosa won't appear until we deal with Melissa.

Oh, yeah. Tons.

Yeah, tons. I had to chop down a redwood tree so they could all fit under it.
Nice, huh?

The end of the conversation has something new.

Hey, kid. Don't worry about your old man. He'll be back soon. Go wait in your room.

But I got something I think you'd like.
Something I'd like?

Yeah. it's Pinkie Rabbit. Take it.

There's a minor typo in the game.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I got Mister Rabbit!
Now go back to your room and take a nap or something.

Melissa heads out the door.

Melissa doesn't sigh this time. Obviously this only happens if we have the doll, which means getting it from the vending machine and not giving it to Mila.

We didn't actually have the chance to show it to Melissa. We get the coins in Chapter 4 and we can't show items when she asked Kyle to sew the doll in Chapter 6. Technically we still didn't "show" the doll, Kyle just automatically gives it to her. We won't be able to show her our snacks.

We haven't seen Kevin's reactions to the doll since we haven't met him since Chapter 3. Technically you can try doing it by getting the doll after this point, but I'm not going to bother replaying 2/3 of the game just for a single line of reaction that may or may not be generic.

All in all, a nice update. Everyone had a great time. Except Martin.