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Hotline Miami

by Tome, cKnoor

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Original Thread: I love the 1980s! Let's Play Hotline Miami



Hotline Miami was released in October 2012. It was developed by Swedish indie darlings Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin. The gameplay is a throwback to classic action arcade games like Smash TV and Ikari Warriors. Every enemy with a few exceptions die in one hit, but to balance it out so do we. Fortunately, a variety of collectible masks should help to tip the balance in our favour.

Hotline Miami was my favourite game of 2012. As far as fast-paced action games go, it was unrivalled. Add to that an excellent 80s-infused soundtrack and a score attack system that forces you to think of imaginative routes through levels, the creators definitely had a recipe for success.

cKnoor will be joining me on the commentary which will hopefully provide a fresh perspective on the twists and turns the game throws in our face. I will be trying my best to show off everything in the game, including hidden masks, secrets and bonus levels.

The entire Soundtrack is available to stream on Soundcloud!! Holy shit!
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