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Part 3: Frost and Fire

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Galactic Inferno is the longest level in the game and manages to fit quite a few bosses in it.

These guys are called Megarollers. Without Scort this boss can be somewhat tricky since you need to keep a much closer eye on the rollers' movement as well as the missiles. If you have it, focus on blocking missiles and worry about the rollers only if they get close enough that their next move would ram into you.

With relatively low health they shouldn't be a problem.

The Juggernaut is an unending pain the first time you get to it. The big cannons should be destroyed as quickly as possible so you have to do less fancy dodging as you move forward. Never stay right next to the ceiling or floor or the big laser will push you into it. To dodge the interceptors' shots while the big laser is firing, nudge your ship backwards in small increments and then clean up as soon as the firing sequence ends. Destroying the actual laser cannon is just a matter of using the space you're given. At first, try to stay close so you get more shots in per cycle. The red spheres cannot be blocked, so you need to be more and more careful as the screen scrolls forward.

No one in the history of ever should have trouble with the Warcore's first phase. It fires bullets in a huge room. You dodge them. The end.

When you break the small cannons however it starts bringing in friends that fire on you from behind. If you don't have the laser fully upgraded (or if you brought another weapon) then this bit can get hectic, especially if you brought something other than Scort.

Break the armor around the core and you will really start regretting it if you didn't bring Scort. This cannon moves erratically and fires shots that are quick enough to catch you if you don't have any turbos. On top of that, the wallcrawlers are still spawning. The longer you have to dodge this barrage, the worse off you are. Stay as far back as you can and try to pick off the small enemies as they spawn.

The Warcore's final form isn't nearly as hectic as the music is trying to make you believe. Just stay far back and watch the bullet patterns as they emerge. That makes them much easier to dodge when necessary.

Frost and Fire