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by Carlioo, TheBadGamer

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Original Thread: Crisis on Infinite Hyrules: Let's Play Hyrule Warriors!



Hyrule Warriors is a hack n' slash Zelda spinoff developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja released in October 2014 on the Wii U (making it the only Zelda game on the WIi U that isn't a remake/re-release and therefore the best original Zelda game on the Wii U). It plays like the Dynasty Warriors-series but, well, with Zelda mixed in: Giant fields with thousands of enemies to kill knock out and keeps to take over and control, as well as items to use against objects and giant bosses to fight against. Also, much like the Warriors-series, there is a lot of playable characters from the Zelda-franchise, but also some original characters thrown in to mix things up.

So how will this be played through?
I'll be playing through on a new game file and collecting everything we come across! I will show off how to get all heart pieces/containers and the Golden Skultullas in Legends (Story) Mode, as well as showing off all the playable characters, the different weapons and at least all the different game types in Adventure Mode. I will also be dragging my friend TheBadGamer through this, as he's a both a big Zelda fan and a Dynasty Warriors fan! We'll be talking about character origins and the Zelda games in the videos.

What about that Hyrule Warriors Legends game that I've hear about?
Hyrule Warriors Legends is the 3DS port that basically have everything the original game had, plus some new characters from Wind Waker as well as a new story mode. Sadly, I don't have a good way to record footage of a 3DS at the moment, however, characters can be "transferred" to the original Wii U version, so I will at least be able to show them off if nothing else when the game is released.

Where is this in the Zelda timeline?!
It apparently exists in it's own separate dimension and Anouma was thinking of it as The Avengers.

With that said, let's play Hyrule Warriors!


Part 1: The Armies of Ruin
Part 2: The Sheikah Tribesman
Part 3: The Sorceress of the Woods
Part 4: Eclipse of the Sun
Part 5: Link's Amazing Flying Horses
Part 6: Dancing Swords
Part 7: The Spear to Pierce Twilight
Part 8: Moon Droppers
Part 9: Rock On, Goron
Part 10: Water Temple 2 - Electric Boogaloo
Part 11: Temple Joyride
Part 12: Friendship is Stupid
Part 13: The End of the Road
Part 14: How to Start a War
Part 15: Scary Wizards and Strong Warriors
Part 16: Cia's Final Gambit
Part 17: Return of the King
Part 18: Exercise in Power
Part 19: Desert Survival
Part 20: From Warriors to Legends
Bonus 1: And Your Reward is Clothes
Bonus 2: Ganon's No Good, Very Bad Day
Bonus 3: Weapons and Costumes Showcase 1
Bonus 4: Weapons and Costumes Showcase 2

Part 1: Adventuring 101
Part 2: Adventuring for Dummies
Part 3: Warriors with Burning Hearts
Part 4: Trip Through Twilight Woods
Part 5: Great Balls of Lighting
Part 6: They Call Her the Seeker
Part 7: Throwback Warriors
Part 8: Boots Made for Kicking
Part 9: Twilight Sorcery
Part 10: Ride the Wave
Part 11: Good Old Blue Magic
Part 12: Difficulty Curve
Part 13: Lord of the Butterflies
Part 14: Hardcore Posing
Part 15: Let's Go to a Cucco Festival!
Part 16: Ignore the Cucco
Part 17: We're All Idols Now
Part 18: Great Failure
Part 19: Cucco Whisperer
Part 20: Souls of True Evil
Part 21: Baddest Man Alive
Part 22: The Cowardly Army
Part 23: End of an Adventure
Part 24: Dream On
Part 25: Master of None
Part 26: Back to the Twilight
Part 27: Crazy Train
Part 28: Terrible Fate
Part 29: Final Hours
Part 30: This Ends The Story
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