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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 21

Gorrister has his heart back

Off to the locked room. The control which Gorrister finds Edna's log book.

First entry

Second entry

and just like, all of Gorrister's guilt, AM's most powerful weapons against him, goes away.

Third entry

Fourth entry

One last thing to do. Make amends with Glynis. Edna said a sip of the milk would make her feel better, maybe it'll do the same for Glynis.

Gives her a kiss good-bye

Gorrister takes her out of the freezer and proceeds to dig her a grave.

After the burial, Gorrister has one final conversation with the Jackal

Heading back to the zeppelin with a clean past and clear conscience, Gorrister realizes there is just one thing he must do.

First he has to get the engine running again. The harness is his only option, but how to run it. ....need another organ to leave... ...brain surgeon..., or course. A Brain can power it. Luckily, Gorrister has a spare brain that's not being used. It's inside Edna's head.

Then it's time to reinflate the air bags that were slashed, easily done by just pressing the emergency inflate console located next to them.

Then off to the control room to hit the ingition switch...and we have lift off.

Gorrister now just needs to finally destroy everything that held him back.

Getting struck with lighting beforehand, which recharges his heart.


and that is how you beat AM at it's own game...something that makes AM very angry