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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 34

Benny now has a place to sleep, regurgitated food in his stomach, and nearly useless legs. This is the best he's had it for awhile.

I don't see how tree roots are supposed to be comfortab...right..evil AI controlling everything. Nevermind.

Benny walks south to the only noise he hears and comes upon a group of people and a strange altar.

Benny asks why is everyone around the altar.

The chief says something that Benny cannot understand and then hands out a bag.

Benny is at a meeting to decide a sacrifice. A lottery was drawn. The winner looked unhappy. The winner was dragged and tied to a cross. I though Benny was supposed to have been smart before AM ruined his mind.

Hmm. Let's try to do the right thing here Benny. Sadly, the truly right thing is not there, so just watch.

(I've also uploaded this audio file to my online HD)

Good old compassionate Benny. Don't worry. I'm sure her son will be fine.