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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 46

Nimdok: You know about the golem?
Menegele: Of course! Part of the master plan is to strip the Lost Tribe of everything--even their folklore.

N: I read the teletype. What is project PERFECT IMAGE?
M: That was a secret project into the area of reflective surfaces. It bestows the clarity to see yourself with utter objectivity. Unfortunatly, it worked too well.

N: You mean it worked well enough to drive the leader into commiting suicide.
M: The leader's death is a serious blow to us all. But our golem is more than powerful enough to destroy the lost tribe.

N: I looked into the mirror. Now I remember everything with crystal clarity. The research camps, the serum.
M: Ah, yes, the youth serum. Your research demanded the deaths of many children, but your hard work was successful. Eternal youth--for those who deserve it.

N: Now I know how AM was able to keep us alive for so many years.
M: Your youth serum can sustain us forever! We have all the time we need to reurrect the Regime.

Hmm. So the mirror reflects one's true self. What would Menegele see.