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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 62

Ted shall go next.

Not wanting to do what the last two did, Ted heads right.

When Nimdok grabbed a skull, he found something that helped him and gave him guidance. He also got a nasty shock, but since all those power nodes have been weakend, Ted should be alright...he thinks. He grabs the far-right skull.

Not alright, but still alive. Now let's see what took it's place.

Ok. That's odd. Ted takes it and heads to the right.

He sees where his power node should be, but no powernode. How to activate it is the question. Maybe the remote has something to do with it. Ted clicks the remote towards the gargoyles that are staring in the hole.

Ted invokes his own totem, the totem of gallantry (which I accidentally called the totem of chivalry earlier. my bad)

It's now time for Ted's freedom.