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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 64

Ellen knows what is to the right, so she heads left.

Not the ego. Keep moving.

She finally finds the Ego.

Ellen decides that it might not be a good idea to talk about harm with a part of AM, so she walks away and uses the totem of forgiveness on the ego.

The ego has been taken care of, but Ellen realizes that all this has done is made AM more unbalanced and has given the Russian and Chinese AM's more power. She decides to take care of the Id and Superego.

Let's not talk to the Id anymore. It's a bit scary. However, he doesn't seem all that bad. Perhaps, nobody has ever shown him compassion. Ellen invokes the totem of compassion.

Two parts of AM down. Now time to take care of the Superego.

He says he sees ahead, but he doesn't see ahead all that clearly. Otherwise, he would've realized that the process of entropy affects all machines. Ellen invokes the totem of clarity.

All three sides of AM taken care of, Ellen heads back to the pillar of fire to see what has happened.