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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 9

Ok. Now you can jump to conclusions...but don't actually jump.

Maybe AM doesn't think you can.

Not much to see out here. Just a mooring ring and an unusual fleshy thing stuck on the end of the spike.

Maybe it'd be better if your heart was back in your chest Gorrister?

Hmm. Maybe you can do something with the mooring ring, like give yourself something to hold on to? Maybe a rope of some sort? Do you have a rope?

Execellent. Now tie it to the mooring ring and go get your heart back.

...Shouldn't he have to pull towards the heart for that little rope system to be of any use? No matter. Gorrister has his heart back and I'm sure it'll do him a world of good

Oh well, at least your heart's in the right place.

Nothing left to do now but land this thing...but without access to the controls, the only way to do that is to disable it...without slamming it into the ground