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Original Thread: Markku's Structural Surveying Adventure (INFRA)




The city of Stalburg is a decrepit shithole plastered over by a veneer of a few modern blocks, eco-friendly vanity projects, and brutal social policies. Sure, the recent corruption scandal has shaken things up, and new people are coming in to sort out the mess covered up by the previous administration, but for now the true extent of the infrastructure rot can only be guessed at.
At National Consulting Group we know things are bad. Why have we signed up to fix and maintain all this? Because our boss needs a penis substitute, and being in charge of the local dams is just the stuff. Any day now he is going to call Steve, me, and the inseparable Carla and Amit duo to head out there and look at the damage. There can't be any harm in simply looking, can it?

I don't expect to run into many people on the job: a few harmless vagrants and hippies at most. Really, the greatest threat will be dying of boredom between taking pictures of a missing handrail, or a shoddy wiring job. The guys in the office joke about some older tunnels turning into deathtraps, but I doubt anything there could have degraded to that degree of excitement.



1/ Don't you hate the days when by the time you wake up you're already in some meeting? Makes you daydream about throwing yourself off some cliff...

2/ Bear attacks are on the rise in the Stalburg region, as vicious beasts raid country homes in search of batteries...

3/ It was a profoundly stupid idea, all things considered, but I felt it should be done, or I would regret it much, much later...

4/ On a job so big, this kind of discovery was bound to happen eventually...

5/ ???

6/ The benefits of being unionised: you come to work, read the morning paper, start a game, and leave.

7/ The 2016 season of brownwater rafting begins early in Stalburg, owing to the wonderful weather.

8/ I should not have slept through classes on explosives handling, assuming we had any.

9/ I still have nine packs of batteries left.

10/ At least the story of the dock is over now. Or is it?

11/ Where is everybody?

12/ I keep moving forward, leaving a trail of repairs and destruction behind me.

13/ I hope my collection of geocache boxes can provide shelter long enough for me to figure out what to do.


14/ You know what they say: can't do an inspection without breaking a few windows.

15/ Someone here was taking notes on a criminal conspiracy.

16/ Stalburg Metro is always a wild ride. Buy your own ticket today!

17/ Floc this place!

18/ Thrills! Excitement! Adventure! If you find any, please call.

19/ Let's take a break, look at old photos, and watch some movies.

20/ A plot twist, a long-awaited reveal, and a narrow escape from deadly danger are coming this winter in...

21/ People never invite me to funerals. I wonder, why?

22/ A damn fine cup of coffee!

23/ I'll miss that lively wrench, and not just in the "Should have brought it for a puzzle!" sense.

24/ No, no, no, no, no, NO!


25/ Could it be the light at the end of the tunnel?

26/ I hope it's not a sign of how all communication with people is going to play out.

27/ Marko's. Battery. Store.

28/ Something as straightforward as a bridge is a nice break at this point.

29/ An old story thread gets an unexpected conclusion.

30/ I'm supposed to go WHERE now?

31/ Doesn't an indoor shithouse defeat the purpose of a shithouse?

32,33/ I visit Stalburg's dark side, underside and backside, all lumped together.

34/ This, certainly, has been a part of my adventure.

35/ Oh, no! Not Max Koller!... Who's Max Koller?

36/ It's the only vehicle that hasn't let me down today.

37/ I'm not shocked that the crane in the SNW bunker was in a far better condition.

38/ Sure, give me a lecture as the alarms ring throughout the building. I don't mind.

39/ So, what if I don't feel like fixing the reactor? What's the worst that could happen?


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