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Illusion of Gaia

by ddegenha

Part 2: In Which Will Picks a Card, any Card.

Before we head to that cave, there’s actually a wooden bridge from a street onto a roof. It’s a weird little architectural detail.

“Are you talking about the one who looks like a pirate, or the one who won’t sell weapons to children in a world that’s crawling with demons? I’m having a hard time picking out which one is weirder.”

“Sorry to hear that. You might want to have a doctor check that out.”

This place doesn’t exactly scream safety, but it’s not like anybody’s paying attention to a bunch of kid’s secret club house.

“Usually, when lessons were done at the school they gathered there to talk and play games until sundown.”

“I’m playing cards with Seth. Wait a minute.”

“Ah ha ha, I’m going to win again for sure.”

“Can I play next? You guys never play cards with me.”

“Well, yeah, but you know why that…”

“The Princess of Edward Castle has run away! They say she came to South Cape.”

“That’s it? You came in such a hurry that I through something really big had happened!”

“LIAR! Maybe the soldiers will come here looking for her!”

“Is he a liar about you liking Kara, her being the princess, or the princess running away?”

“I.. I… the soldiers from Edward Castle look so cool. I want a steel helmet, too.”

“Yes, you should probably have helmet.”

“There’s a reason we tease you so much, you know.”

“Will, get over here and sit next to Erik.”

“I want to see Will’s mysterious power. He can move things without touching them.”

“Will, show me again.”

“Seriously? Why can’t we do anything else these days?”

This is our tutorial in one of Will’s basic moves. By spinning his flute he can use telekinesis to move certain objects toward or away from him. It’s as simple as pressing L or R when facing an object, making it pretty much identical to Metatron’s telekinesis in SoulBlazer.

“But why can you move the statue when you can’t move anything else…?”

“What part of mysterious power made you think that it’d be easy to figure out?”

“It’s the second one from the left.”

“Dammit Will, can you at least let me finish laying down all four cards first?”

“Hey Seth. This is some type of psychic power, right? Will, how do you always know which card to pick?”

“Beats me. How do you guys NOT know which card to pick? I swear, you guys can’t even get it right one time out of four.”

“Yeah, it must be some kind of psychic power thing. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was magic.”

“Except that you don’t know be…argh! If you guys weren’t the only three around my age..”

“Most people have five senses… I think Will’s psychic power is some kind of sixth sense.”

As a note, there’s actually some lovely gameplay and story integration in this game. Any time there’s a multiple choice situation like picking the right card, it doesn’t matter what you pick. Because of Will’s power whichever choice you make will be the right one. Keep this in mind for later events.

“You guys keep doing what you do. I think it sounds like dinner time.”

Now that we’ve shown off our skills, it’s time to head home. There’s a chance of something showing up now as we leave the cave, but it’s not here… we’ll talk more about it later.

“What. The. Actual. Fuck.”

“Oink oink.”

“Wait, who the hell are you? And… did you just call that pig Hamlet?”

“Is this your house?”

“Well… yeah, but seriously, who are you?”

“Well, excuse me…!!”

“Your father? Mother? Not here, huh?”

“Lady, you are about one more word from getting yourself and your pig literally thrown out of my house.”

“Is this a picture of your parents?”

“I know. Olman, the explorer. They say he was lost.”

“He’ll come back some day. He’s just… really bad about asking for directions.”

“Are you sad? …No? I’d be sad if it were me. I’m sorry…”

“At this point it’s kind of his own damn fault. I’m more mad than sad.”

“That’s kind of random. No, there isn’t! But Grandma Lola is a great singer.”

“They’re singing upstairs now. They have such loud voices!!”

“That’s probably why they didn’t hear your stupid pig destroying the place. So I’m going to go upstairs and explain things to them, and when we come back downstairs you’d better be gone.”

“Dinner’s not ready yet.”

“Umm… about that…”

“Ah ha ha. Oh, you!! Bringing up a thing like that!”

“Do you guys want me to go downstairs? Because I can do that.”

“Will, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that. The girl who was singing with me a minute ago…”

“Well, that doesn’t sound good.”

“What are you saying? If I don’t take you home, I’ll lose my head!”

“What do I care if you lose your head?”

“Wow, that’s cold.”

“Princess! Do you think I have nothing better to do than chase you down? I must take you home. It’s the king’s orders!”

“Oh my Gaia… if I ever tell Erik about this, he’ll never shut up about it.”

“Will, I feel as though we’ve met before, as if were good friends.”

“That’s… nice. Good luck with that whole princess thing.”

“Okay Princess, come along!”

“So, that girl likes to play practical jokes. Heh heh heh.”

“We’re just going to pretend that we didn’t see a teenage girl get kidnapped by the place guard? I guess I can do that…”

“Trust me, Will, it goes a LOT better if you pretend you didn’t see anything.”

“Edward Castle… there’s a big viaduct under the castle. Your grandfather designed it.”

“What! Really? That’s incredibly helpful, considering that… ohh. Oh.”

“I can see how that worked out for you.”

“There’s a prison under the castle. It’s built like a maze to keep the prisoners from escaping.”

“Grandpa, the more I listen the worse your past is sounding.”

“I do feel bad that I built a prison where people disappear and are never heard from again. But what can you do?”

“I’ve made a delicious pie. Let’s sit at the table upstairs.”

“That sounded like a great idea, since I hadn’t told them about the pig. I blamed it on the soldiers. We sat down a feast of snail pie with whipped cream! Grandma Lola’s cooking… takes some getting used to.”

“I had more snail pie for breakfast. I left you a slice.”

“That’s… really thoughtful of you Grandpa.”

“Good morning, Will. A letter has come for you from King Edward. It says to bring the crystal ring from Olman’s things to Edward Castle.”

“The crystal what? I’m thinking I missed that in dad’s things.”

“I’ve been in a bad mood ever since I saw this letter.”

Lola's Melody

“Thanks Grandma. I’m going to go see if I can get my friends to help me.”

“…so much for that.”

And with that, we’ve got nothing left to do but head over to Edward’s castle. This game starts off slow, but it’ll pay off in the end. There’s actually a lot of information being packed into these sections. Next update: That’s not how you do a royal audience.