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Illusion of Gaia

by ddegenha

Part 3: In Which Will Refrains From Strangling a Princess

Edward's Castle Theme

“Obviously. Useless guards…”

“I’ll just… wander around then? Is that okay?”

"Do whatever you want, kid. I said my piece."

“Good to know. You guys… you’ve seen some things happen because he got upset, haven’t you?”

As a note, I missed something here. I’ll address it in an extra update later. And yes, that did mean replaying the entire game up until what will be update five.

“Do you mean that innocent people physically can’t enter? Like if they try they’ll bounce off?”

“I dunno kid, let’s toss you in and see what happens. You’re innocent, right?”


“That’s really sweet, but we kind of just met.”

“Well, he’s really shy…”

“Oh. Huh, good luck with that. Wish I could help.”

“I’m glad that somewhere in the world here is someone who is thinking of me.”

“Y’know, all of you guys look a lot alike. It must be the helmets.”

“How do you define ‘strangers?’”

“What’s this? A guest?”

“Not as such, your highness. This is just a shabby boy.”

“It’s me, Kara.”

“Oh… That voice…

“Oh, pardon me! Please enter!”

“And don’t you forget it.”

“I was told to bring the Crystal Ring to King Edward… I guess that’d be your dad?”

“Terrible! It’s terrible! Again my father is trying to take something important from someone.”

“So your dad’s a dick too. Welcome to the club.”

“I’ve escaped from the castle before. Now they won’t let me go out!”

“My mother has hired a famous hunter. It’s ominous.”

“Princess, let’s go.”

“Please save me! Take me out of here! Please…”

“Um… guard… just pretend you didn’t here any of that.”

“My job is pretty much not hearing things.”

“Good luck with that, then.”

“After all that… wow. How much of a breakfast does he eat?”

“Okay, so much for getting the queen to go to bat for me…”

“Yeah, your daughter said about the same thing. Like father, like daughter.”

“Well, did you bring the Crystal Ring?”

“Um… about that. I don’t even know what in the hell you’re talking about.”

“How dare you say such at thing to me!!”

“Then go to Will’s house and find the Ring!”

“Ma’am! Save me!!”

“Did you say ma’am? Well, I never!”

“Well, fuck me. That could probably have gone better…”

“This moss has seen thousands of prisoners come and go… those prisoners must have been encouraged by any sign of life…they even remembered to lock the door. Definitely not dealing with amateurs here.”

“I don’t even know where you’re going with that, but… uh.. thanks for the bread, I guess?”

“Okay, new plan. Use the bread as a club and kill a rat or something.”

“I mean, it was snail pie but I still want some. Maybe if I get some sleep…”

“Oh Gaia, I’n hallucinating after only one night in the hole.”

“Will, this is your father.”

“Okay, pretty sure my dad wasn’t a flute. Although, that would explain a few things about mom…”

“You were a cute child, but now you’ve grown up.”

“Okay, now I know that you’re my dad. Nobody else would actually say something like that.”

“You’re a talking flute and I’m locked up in the king’s jail. It’s not like I’m in a position to say no.”

This is a false choice, which the game seems to be full of. No matter what you choose, the results are identical.

“I want you to save me… I, too, was once held in this cell. Look at the left-hand wall.”

“Well, that’s new.”

“Your grandpa knows the secret of that stone. Starting now you will encounter a terrible thing…”

“Do I have to?”

“It’s either that or die here in this cell. Pick up the stone your enemy left.”

“That power will prove to be your ally. You must make a pilgrimage to the ruins of the world to find the Mystic Statues. The closer you get to the Crystal, the stronger the evil power will be…”

“Dad, that doesn’t even make sense. What crystal are you even talking about? How am I going to know it when I see it?”

“That’s…okay, but how do I get out of here? You never explained that part.”

“Finally, things are looking up! C’mere bacon, I’ve got this nice hard bread for you…wait, is that a key? And an envelope?”

“It’s terrible what my father’s done, but hear what I have to say. I too am a prisoner - in a prison of silk and gold. But tonight I will leave the castle forever. You also will be free - Kara.”

“Prison of silk and… that spoiled, self-entitled little drama queen!”

“Let’s just hope nobody heard that.”

Right next to our cell is a portal to dark space, giving us a convenient chance to save before the first dungeon area of the game. I didn’t mention it before, but there’s actually a special music for the dark spaces: Dark Space Theme

Next update: The aforementioned dungeon area, and a return to South Cape.