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Part 5: In Which Will and a Princess Kidnap Each Other

It’s not obvious, but we’re actually talking to a guard here.

“You’ve escaped from the prison…trust what I say. Run from this castle. It’d be terrible if King Edward found you here.”

“Starting to think that he’s not actually that popular.”

“I’m considering it, among other options.”

“Don’t let the King find you… please take care of the Princess.”

“…these are the worst guard ever.”

“You seem so sure that this is a friendly visit, little miss “Prison of Silk and Gold.”

“Was the guard asleep outside? His nickname is ‘Old Snorehead.’ Sleeping again.”

“I already figured the guards didn’t like your dad, but I’m starting to think that he’s not that fond of you either. Anyway, I got your pig mail.”

“His name is Hamlet. Cute, isn’t he?”

“Okay, I give up.”

“He’s very smart. He has some kind of strange pig power… please, take me out of here!”

“Just… just follow me.”

“Are you kidding me? Where are we going to get food?”

“In the cellar, obviously. Where do you keep your food?”

“In the pantry, because normal people don’t have giant food cellars!”

“That’s not even a native animal! Yaks are from the Himalayas!”

“Yeah, dad said he wanted some more variety at meals.”

“Vive la revolucion!”

“I honestly wasn’t planning to go anywhere else.”

Now that we have Kara with us, she shows up on the world map as we travel back to our starting town. It’s a nice little touch.

“It’s awful! Who would do such a thing…”

“My grandparents?!”

“No, pretty sure this wasn’t them.”

“I know it’s not them.. wait, why are you calling my grandpa grandpa?”

“I’ll look upstairs!”

“You… you do that. This place has two rooms, and this is one of them. Where else would you look?”

“I really don’t want to see this.”

“Okay, now you’re just talking crazy. Jackals are African.”

“He’s the hunter hired by my mother!! An evil man who will stop at nothing.”

“Wait, why’d your mother hire a hunter?”

“For reasons. Once he starts after you there’s no stopping him. He has no regard for human life.”

“You’re not making me feel better about my grandparents. But since they’re not here…”

“Don’t worry, you two.”

“You’re the one who…”

“Who are you?”

“I can explain this.”

“I’m Will’s friend.”

“It’s OK. Your grandpa and grandma are safe. They’re in my village.”

“Wait, you have your own village?”

“Itory village”

“Besides, a village? I’ve got a kingdom!”

“Naturally, my village has a barrier around it. Ordinary people like you can’t see it. Anyway, let’s go Will!”


“I’m going too!”

“You can’t stop royalty! I do whatever I want!!”

“Typical of a princess…before we got to my village, should we meet the townspeople?”

“I’ll just… say my goodbyes, then.”

While we’ve got the freedom of South Cape we can go back and trade in our Red Jewels. A Defense Upgrade is pretty much a free level up, so that’s kind of a nice benefit. There’s an interesting question here, but I’ll address it next update.

“You and I have a very different idea of wonderful.”

“No. From here on there will be many hardships… hmmmmm.”

“Now you’re just nitpicking.”

“That’s what I expected. Have you ever been outside the castle?”

“Well, duh. I mean, I know Will and he’s only been to the castle like once.”

“Are you totally ignorant of the world? Will is my friend. Understand?”

“Hey, Will, aren’t you my friend too!?”

The wise man’s answer. We have nothing else to do here at the moment (I had to replay for that) so it’s time to proceed to:

Itory: The Hidden Village

“This is my village, but you’re probably surprised that there are no houses.”

“Yeah, you don’t really count as a village without houses. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule.”

“Will, try playing the melody that called to me under Edward Castle.”

“You mean Lola’s song? Well, I guess…”

“Not gonna lie, just a little bit.”

“There’s a barrier around this village. Most people can’t see it. But this princess is getting to be a bother…”

“I can’t help it. My feet hurt.”

“Uh, OK. Well, come with me. I’ll show you my house.”

“I will never understand women.”

Before we go on, we can find a Red Jewel in the firewood pile right outside of the first house. There’s absolutely no reason to believe this here,so it’s kind of hard to find.

“So did you classify everything as a religious artifact?”

“Ha. Ha. Their legends are left in song. Even in seemingly meaningless melodies, there is a message.”

“So kind of like Lola’s melody? How does my grandma know something like that?”

“I think Kara’s the one you need to have this talk with. Also, it doesn’t literally take a village to raise a child.”

“She was a lot more trouble when she was younger.”

“Oh, is that Will? Good… good…”

“A terrible thing happened to us! A man called the Jackal came to the house with some soldiers…”

“Told you so.”

“He almost got us!”

“She forgot to add the poison, but it worked all the same.”

“Lilly, thank you. I didn’t know that Princess Kara came too.”

“We didn’t ask her to come. Anyway, Will, this is my house. You can look around the village, but then come back here.”

“Already ahead of you.”

Continuing our exploration, Itory Village is full of slopes that we can’t exactly run up. They’re kind of inexplicable but it’ll make more sense in a moment.

“But many who set foot in the Incan ruins have never returned…”

“I have this unsettling premonition that I’m going to be setting foot in those ruins.”

“The ruins are an ancient tomb. Why can’t you leave them alone.”

“Trust me, I would if I could.”

“Right here? Like on this spot?”

“Then all around the world, disease and famine began to increase…”

“Whatever the message was, it doesn’t sound like it was good news.”

Naturally, there’s a Dark Space right next to the ruin.

“This ought to be good.”

“You power - the Psycho Dash. It can destroy obstacles. Always be alert. If you find a suspicious place, try to destroy it.”

“That’s terrible advice for an archaeologist or explorer. Also, what’s a Psycho Dash?”

“Master, I think you forgot to give it to him.

“Oh… yeah. Forget my own head next.”

“I’d say something, but that has happened in the past.”

“You can smash walls and obstacles by hurling yourself against them.”

“You JUST told me that. Like a minute ago. I want some of whatever you’re on.”

“Trust me kid, you don’t. I tried it once and didn’t remember a damn thing for 70 years.”

“Fair enough.”

“After the conversation I just had, I’m game for anything.”


And that is what the slopes are for. Launching platforms/slowdown spots.