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Part 8: In Which Will Discovers the Lost Ship

Picking up where we left off, there’s a row of gold statues with a button at the end. Naturally we’re going to be fighting all of the statues. Clearing the area gets us a defense increase and another herb. Really going to have to start using these at some point.

Outside we’ve got some more enemies to deal with, and clearing them gets us some more strength. It’s possible that all of the outside areas are linked and you have to clear them all before getting the reward.

This obvious trap here is exactly what you’d think. Hitting the switch activates all four statues, but it’s a simple matter to fight our way free.

Proceeding forward we have an area where there are two ramps. If you don’t interrupt your progress you’ll just shoot up the other side. You have to interrupt your charge to fight these Splops. Clearing them out gets us an HP increase, with the attendant refill.

“Note about the Incas: They have no written language. They’ve left their legends in sound. I have succeeded in deciphering the Incan Melody of the Wind. ‘Chat in the Golden Room.’ Does that mean to play the Melody of the Wind…?”

“Chanting is one thing, flute playing is another… well, maybe he’s not completely off base.”

Next to where we previously got a herb after destroying some statues we have the sole Red Jewel of this dungeon. It’s kind of hard to miss, as long as you’re proceeding normally. We also get a strength increase from clearing the room.

At this point we need to switch back to Will, since Freedan isn’t much of a flutist….

Melody of the Wind

You could walk around until you step on the right tile, but this is much faster. Stepping on this tile gets us a new doorway to an area with two ladders.

Putting our two statues in place opens the path forward. I don’t even know if you could reach this point without both statues, but it’d be kind of humorous to get this far and suddenly realize you had missed a statue.

At this point we can access the Dark Space and change back into Freedan. We’re actually about to have a boss fight, which you can fight as Will or Freedan. The difference is mainly in reach and that if you use Will it’ll take about twice as long. Talking to Gaia afterward gets us advice on the upcoming boss, but I didn’t realize that until after the fight and thus failed to catch it.

After that, you just step on this plate..

And then climb down the ladder to this doorway. There’s no warning or sign that this boss is coming, so it’s kind of a kick in the nuts if you aren’t expecting it and are somehow unprepared.

“Excuse us. Wrong door. Uh… Freedan, what happens if…”

“Don’t worry about it kid. I’m certainly not.”

Boss Theme: The Guardian

Castoth Fight Video

Our first boss is Castoth, this charming fellow. The two attacks we’re going to see most often from him are a line of flames that crosses the room and a triangular shape that bounces off the walls. Individually they’re fairly easy to dodge, but together you can get pinned.

He’ll also do something with his hands, but this is actually an opportunity for you rather than for him. To make the fight proceed you have to attack the hands. Each one will disappear after you hit it five times, but once again there’s no indication that these are even viable targets.

Once the hands are gone he’ll fire a barrage of laser-like beams at you, followed by his normal attacks. If you run behind him quickly the barrage can’t hit you, but you want to get back front and center.

What you’re watching for is a slight widening of his eyes. Once they’re open you can start attacking, chipping away at his 40 HP two points at a time.

The window’s small, so you’ll have to repeat at least once. Once you’ve got the trick it’s fairly straightforward, but if you don’t have the trick this is a brick wall.

For story reasons, we’re going to have to be in our original shape. Freedan is very much a battle form, as is our final form.

“You wouldn’t think that a ladder would be too much to ask, but…”

“How the hell did someone beat me here? There’s something…”

Next update: Of ships, and statues, and sea monsters.