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by ddegenha

Part 9: In Which Will is King for Less than a Day

Somewhat short update. I blame Skyrim, shoveling my driveway, and the fact that we've got a bit of plot between here and the next dungeon. This a very story-heavy game.

Will's Dream

“King, huh? I could get used to this.”

“And he’s much shorter!”

“Or, maybe not. Hey, don’t disrespect your King!”

“Of course, I AM the King.”

“Wait, I have a Queen? I’m…not sure I’m ready for that.”

“Er… yes. Not that I haven’t ever been here before, obviously, as I’m the King.”

“But I expect that you’re tired. Look around, then rest in this bed.”

“It’s the ring he gave her when they were separated by the invaders. Since then, she has thought of nothing but him.”

“I’m a bit foggy about that. It’s… uh.. been a while.”

“That’s the statue you were awarded by the spirits. It’s in the jewel box in the storehouse below. Look for yourself.”

“I’ll do that… honey…”

Down in the hold below we get the Mystic Statue, which you can guess from the inventory screen is one of six. It’s probably the least complicated of the six.

“That sounds like an AMAZING idea.”

“Yeah, how long were you guys in that cave, anyway?”

“Couple hundred years, give or take. How could invaders come to destroy a world as beautiful as this?”

“People are assholes sometimes. I can’t explain it any more.”

“Truly, the King is wise.”

With that done, we’ve run all out of things to do on this ship. Now it’s time to catch some Zs, and wake up…

“My house? Well, it’s nice of them to drop me off…wait?”

“Look in the sky. The comet is so beautiful. After years and years the comet approaches Earth, then recedes. Some say it’s an unlucky star. Some say it’s a lucky star…”

“Pretty sure it’s an unlucky star. Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“All right… then hope that the bad luck doesn’t come. Will, I am always watching over you.”

“Will! Wake up!”

“Then we reached a strange town…”

“Wait! Don’t call it strange, I was born there.”

“Lilly, it’s an invisible town. That’s pretty damn strange.”

“Wait, what happened to this place?”

“He said that you were floating alone on the sea. I was so surprised.”

“Not nearly as surprised as I was. Let me take a look around.”

“Seth, I like you buddy. You know your role.”

This is another Gem that can be easily missed. You can trigger the next event without even going up on deck, so if you don’t explore you might not ever see this one.

“Hope that you’re still enjoying the sunlight, buddy.”

“Oh, it’s you, Will. Don’t scare me!”

“I’ll try not to, but this place is pretty damn creepy.”

“Was it all just a dream? They all seemed so… alive…”

“I can’t stand anything that disrupts people’s peaceful lives…”

“And I feel really terrible about that.”

“That ring must be one of the artifacts put on this ship. This is the most valuable of all the artifacts.”

“Many people have lost their lives trying to get rich by finding this ring. I want the ring. It’s so pretty. I really must have it.”

“Have you no shame!?!? You could be cursed!!!”


“Who the hell is Riverson?”

“In this part of the ocean, there are fish that are as dangerous as, well, sharks!!”

“Why do I have a bad feeling about tha…”

“Oh, Gaia dammit.”

“Eeeeeeeeh!! It’s Seth!! A huge, enormous, giant fish ran into the ship!” Seth fell in the water! He was swallowed!”

“Eh, could have been worse.”

“Oh for…tell me where he is and I’ll find him.”

Just proceeding from this point it’s hard to depict, but we get a final shake of the ship and when we wake up..”


“I’ll just crawl right back in the ocean, thanks.”

Next update: We’re on a Boat!