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Illusion of Gaia

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Part 11: In Which Will Explores on his Own

Freejia City Theme

“Not ye… wait, we’re not!”

“No. Not yet. We’re looking for someone.”

“Well, well. Why not base your search here?”

“It’s settled! I’m exhausted!!”

“That’s great, you just follow the strange guy who was trolling for hotel guests at the gate. I’m going to explore the town.”

“Yeah, except when the wind is blowing from the north. What IS that?”

“Eh, you get used to it.”

“Like strangers just wandering into their houses? Sorry about that, by the way.”

“I was afraid you’d been kidnapped by someone, or had been wounded….my mother suffered like that.”

“Okay, I’m confused. Did your mother get kidnapped and wounded or did that happen to you while your mother was waiting at home?”

“Care to run that by me again?”

“Just… don’t, okay? It’s not safe.”

Jeweler Gem makes another appearance here in town, granting us an HP boost since we have over 8 gems. We should actually be able to get another boost here soon.

“If you want I can give you my honest appraisal of it. I’ve been through a LOT of people’s houses.”

Upstairs, beneath the text box…

“You know, that excuse would be a lot more believable…”

“If you weren’t making out in front of a window. Now I’m wondering if that’s his wife, daughter, or just some complete stranger up there with another guy.”

“Will, where have you been?”

“Exploring, obviously. Glad to see you found the hotel and this guy wasn’t as creepy as I thought. Evidently there’s a whole back side to town.”

“Ugh, sounds terrible. I’ll just wait here then.”

You know you’re in the bad side of town when there’s laundry hanging on lines between the buildings. Obviously.

And also when there’s random healing and HP boosting items scattered around in the garbage while sinister robed figures scowl at each other.

“Escaped? Most people refer to that as quitting.”

“Hmm. Tell me if you see him.”

“Pushy, much? Sure, sure, I’ll tell you.

“Okay, this side of town is just full of jerks.”

“Uh, hello? I’m practically an adult.”

“Practically means you’re still a kid. No dice.”

“We’ll see about that…”

“If there were spirits, things like status wouldn’t matter…”

“Wish I could help, but there are spirits and they’re actually kind of jerks.”

“That explains a lot.”

“A door and an open window. How did you think this would slow me down?”

As a note, talking to the guy results in him immediately booting us out the other side. Instead, we’ll explore our new area.

“I’ve heard something about this…”

“I don’t know who made the prediction, but it’s all a lie! I do this to forget.”

“So, crazy bum. Check.”

From here we can jump down on some of the rooftops of the south side of town. As a result, we can reach an otherwise hidden area.

“He’s the laborer who ran away yesterday.”

“Oh really? Hmm…”

“So what you do is, jump down over there and…”

“How very interesting. We’ll be sure to… deal with this.”

“Not going to lie, kind of feeling like a jerk about this.”


“Sorry, probably should have told you to take a step back.”

“Are those… are those chains?”

“When you say laborer, do you mean sla…”

“Please sir, not the S-Word. It upsets people for some reason. These are laborers, who will perform whatever labor you tell them to. Thus, laborers.”

“That doesn’t sound exactly like you volunteered.”

“So you actually get paid for this?”

“Not… exactly.”

“But we were caught by the labor traders…”

“Wait, Erik? It can’t be…”

“He’s being held in a house on the corner of a back street in town. Please save him.”

“Even if it’s not the Erik I know, it still seems like a pretty terrible situation. No problem! But before that…”




Next update: A rescue!