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Illusion of Gaia

by ddegenha

Part 12: In which Will Huffs and Puffs and Blows a Door Down

A short update today, so that we can cover all of the upcoming dungeon in the next update.

“Yeah, we spent about three weeks of it on a raft. Seems like you got a faster trip.”

“I’ve been working and living in this hotel. Lance is in the room on the right. You might want to see him…”

Before we deal with that, there’s a Red Jewel upstairs that we can grab out of a random pot. If you’re an experienced gamer, your natural inclination is to search every nook, cranny, and potential hiding place.

“If I don’t know who I am, how did I get here?”

“With a LOT of help, obviously.”

“Amnesia? I’m glad everyone is safe, but…”

“Yeah, he got snatched up after he tried to help some ‘laborers’ escape.”


“No worries, I’ve got this. Just stay here and give me a minute.”

Approaching the area where Erik has to be confined we can see a robed figure peering out through the window. Not creepy at all.

Nearby there’s a save point, which seems like a good idea but isn’t really necessary. We’re not exactly in danger now, but if I was playing on an actual system rather than an emulator I’d certainly welcome the chance to save.

As a note, this is what happens when you talk to the guy blocking you from the slave laborer market from behind. I discovered this while trying to figure out how to get to this…

An area which you can only reach by jumping south over the fence into the grassy area. There’s no indication that you can do this, and if I’m right then this is about the only place where’s required.

Working our way around brings us to this area, where a robed man gives us yet another Red Jewel. That’s all of the gems in this area, and that means…

We can turn them in for a boost in Attack Power.

We’ve got 14 gems at this point. At this point the next prizes from Gem are more abstract and thus a bit less immediately useful. If you were on a second play through and didn’t want his secrets it’d be perfectly reasonable to skip a couple of the more objectionable gems and just get the lesser prizes. With that, it’s time to move on!

“Yeah, is there a guy named Erik there? About so high, kind of annoying?”

“I’ve never heard of such a name. Why do you ask?”

“Listen, you might want to get away from the door. Because one way or another, I’m coming in.”

Two seconds later…

“I didn’t think you could break down the door!”

“I did that with my flute. If I really want to, I can crash through a wall. Hey, where’d the guy I was talking to go?”

“I tried to sneak into the camp to rescue three laborer brothers.”

“So how’d that work out for you?”

“I’ll tell you where. Please save them!”

“I’ll get to it. Meantime, let’s go back to the inn with everybody else.”

“My tears have all been cried…”

“…so, Lilly, how are things?”

“Sounds great. I’d love to hang around, but I have to go rescue some slaves.”

If you look on the map leaving Freejia (whatever spelling you choose to use) you can see one of our future destinations to the north. Instead, we’re going to be heading to the Diamond Mine that’s been mentioned before.

“Is that… is that a lizard man? What kind of mine is this?”

“…that’s not making me feel any better.”

Next update: Three was lowballing it.