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Part 19: In Which Will Defuses the Situation

After returning the second Statue of Hope to its room we’ve raised Mu completely from the sea, meaning that everything is accessible and we can finally clear the place out. That chest we saw earlier was actually a Red Jewel, and a Flasher chasing Will down (to its detriment) gets us a STR increase.

A similar alcove has a new Statue, which sounds ominous enough. Any time you’re breaking a seal you can pretty much assume that it wasn’t put in place to contain fluffy kittens, unicorns, and rainbows. I’m also at critical mass for inventory space, although many people have pointed out that I could have been turning in my Red Jewels at any time. That said, this is a problem that will take care of itself soon enough. Oh, and we picked up another HP boost on the way.

A little bit further on there’s a pair of altars. The fact that there’s two of them is a bit worrying, since it’s a pretty clear sign that I missed something and need to do some backtracking.

The second statue is in this chest, but the HP boost is far more important. We’ll be needing every bit of that. Navigating through the rest of the ruins gets us another DEF increase as well, but after that it’s really just a matter of getting back to put the statue on the other altar.

“Oh Gaia, I think I’m going to be sick…”

“I guess that means I should try to be respectful while I loot the place.”

“Or not loot it at a… who am I kidding? Just watch it.”

“If you look closely, you can probably see wandering spirits.”

“That does explain a few things.”

“One year after that our bodies began to change.”

“Family and friends turned to monsters before our eyes. We fought back the tears…”

“But Mu is an island. We didn’t know if we’d find another place to live…there were no materials for a boat. It would sink if made of stone…Many saw no point in living if this thing continued. They started building an undersea tunnel. They dug on, not knowing how long it would take…”

“The underwater tunnel dug by man is inside.”

“That’s… pretty decent of you.”

Fast forward a few steps…

“Wait, is that a giant cartoon bomb? Who the hell…?”

“Umm… I’m still strapped to a bomb here?”

“Oh. Yeah, that is still a problem.”

“I thought that guy who came to the palace was strange… we were right to let him go.”

“You’re always like that when young ones come! All you ever think about is food!”

“So do you!!”

“Who ARE you guys?”

“No, no, keep arguing. I’ll just be over…”

“Oh no you don’t.”

And with that, we’re in to our next boss fight. It’s a bastard, and the reason that a lot of people have stopped at this point in the game. We’re dealing with two bosses, both of whom have as much life as the former two bosses. Oh, and we’re on a timer but it’s extremely generous.

Both of the Vampires fire off straight lines of fireballs that travel in straight lines along the pathways. It’s easy enough to avoid, but that’s far from the only thing we’re dealing with.

Getting closer to the Vampires for too long will result in them being surrounded by a defensive measure that sends four orbs circling around them. You just have to get away and let this one subside, as it’s mainly a defense against people who get too aggressive.

Finally, if the two of them get together they’ll send a bouncing lightning orb around the area that HURTS if it connects with you. And you’re not seeing double down there in the bottom, they tend to blur when they move. All told the enemies have a huge advantage here and you’ve got slightly more than 1/4 of their total HP. This is an area where most people burn through a few herbs, and I’m no exception.

Probably the best thing you can do is make sure that you don’t fight him as Will. If you follow the pathway normally you’ll probably be in that form, but it’s possible to retrace your steps and turn in to Freedan. This doesn’t help too much for HP, but being able to take the enemy down twice as fast will help a lot.

Vampire Boss Battle

“You do realize that I don’t know anything about defusing bombs, right? Neil might be the person you want for this.”


“As if! Cut all the wires!”*

*This is one of those ESP choices. Whichever choice you make is correct.

“Sorry, Will… there was nothing I could do… my legs gave out from fear. I couldn’t move or make a sound.”

“Well, that was a pretty freaky thing. Vampires out of nowhere.”

“Up to now I thought I was strong, but in a crisis…sorry for staying in your pocket for so long.”


“Er… yeah, I definitely won’t.”

“Will! I don’t see Lilly. Has something happened?”

“I’m here. It’s.. uh.. complicated. Sorry I worried you. Will was protecting me, so I was OK.”

“It doesn’t matter! Let’s think about how to leave Mu!”

“That’s good. We heard some things from someone called Rama.”

“It’s such a sad story…separated from those with whom they lived. Others remaining under water…”

“I think the word you’re looking for is drowning there, not ‘staying’.”

“If we go through the tunnel, maybe we can reach the mainland.”

“Good idea! Let’s get out of here!!”

“On second thought, we might just want to turn around and go back.

Next update: The Seaside Tunnel and Kara’s adventure.