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Illusion of Gaia

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Part 20: In Which Will Does the Mushroom Samba

“The same scenery goes on and on. It’s hard to keep track of time…kind of makes me wish I’d brought a pocket watch.”

“I’m so tired. I must have walked 500 miles today.”

“This is crazy! Having to walk so far!”

“Enough! You’ve been tired ever since we started this trip.”

“Lance’s right, Kara. I think all of us feel the same way!”

“I don’t even know why we’re talking about this. It’s not like going back is really an option.”

“Let’s eat, I’m hungry.”

“I am afraid the longer we travel in this tunnel, the easier it will be to forget why we are here. Maybe all ancient people were that way.”

“Vampires. Weird lost underwater city that might just sink again. Y’know, in case you forgot.”

“My skin has gone dry from eating weird food…”

“Being underground in a cave for days on end probably isn’t helping either.”

“I’m.. not even going to ask.”

“Thousands of years ago people walked through this tunnel. Somehow, when I think of the distant past, I feel so insignificant.”

“That’s great, I’m just hoping we don’t find their bones somewhere along the way.”

“These mushrooms grow all over in the tunnel. It’s our only food. Yesterday baked mushroom, the day before boiled mushroom, before that raw. Starting to eye up Lance and Erik as possible alternatives. It’s the harsh reality of being an explorer.”

“And just like that, another day passed.”

“Unable to sleep, I started at an underground river… I don’t know how many days I’ve been talking to myself.”

“Can’t sleep?”

“I’m just looking for more mushrooms. Can’t get enough of them.”

“Somehow you’ve grown up.”

“I don’t understand it myself, but…I can use some strange power, and my body has changed to the body of a warrior. Like… literally. And it all started when my father went to the Tower of Babel. So Lilly… why did you join this trip?”

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“We will walk all day again tomorrow… let’s get some sleep…”

“Last night when I was sleeping I heard an odd sound from above.”

“Kara is very concerned about that sound… I’m too tired to do anything.”

“Wait. I heard it again!! What is that sound…?”

“Oh no! We’ve got to run!!”

“Run? Run where?!”

“Lilly’s got a point, since we’re under the water. If any of this tunnel goes, we all go. Quiet, everyone! This vibrating sound…”

“It’s a signal ships use to talk to each other. Let’s see if I can decode it… wait…”


“Shh. Quiet!”

“When I came to, the form of my body had changed to Riverson’s. This Riverson is a creature who lives in the ocean. I don’t know if it’s human or not.”

“I wanted to continue the journey with you, but not in this body. You must figure out this riddle of the comet and the ruins…”

“Wow. I know Seth’s life with his parents wasn’t the best but I don’t think becoming a giant sea monster was the answer.”

“Seth… I’m scared…”

“This guy must have studied Morse code. I’m just surprised that Seth knew it.”

“But Seth didn’t have a human form!!”

“No, Erik. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

“Well, cheer up. Let’s go!”

“Will, your cousin is WEIRD.”

“You say this like you thought I might not have realized.”

Some time later…

“Look! A sign!”

“Angels living in a place like this? Well, they say angels don’t like meeting with people.”

“First, we can rest in that room…”

“Wait, what are you grinning about?”

“We’re going to the same place. I have no idea why the two of you are acting like you’d be taking me somewhere different no matter who I went with.”

“I’ll explore this place myself. Don’t try to follow me!”

“Why are you so grouchy…”

“Maybe she’s just tired. Let her be for now.”

“You guys go on ahead. I’m going to go after her.”

“That… doesn’t sound like an angel at all. Are you sure you’re not actually vampires?”

“But when I look at the ocean, my heart aches.”

“It’s probably better you don’t follow up on that.”

“I’ve neither laughed nor cried since the day I was born. I just survive.”

“That sounds terrible. Have you tried looking at the ocean?”

“Beats some of the alternatives I’ve seen for human evolution. At least you’re not sea monsters.”

“Ishtar praised her beauty. Then she went to his studio.”

“Once came here? It’s been all of about five minutes!”

“I’ll show you the way to the studio. Remember it.”

“If you look at which way the torch flame bends, you’ll understand. Down the dark street, through where the wind blows, to where you can hear the waterfall. Then look for the place where the sound of the waterfall is loud. Ishtar’s studio is in front. Be careful.”

“Of course you couldn’t just tell me to take the third door on the right. I’m sure she’ll be fine for a little while longer.”

“Um.. listen, there’s kind of a thing going on…”

“It’s hard to talk about, but I seem to have fallen in love with Lilly…”

“Okay, never mind. This is going to be too good to miss.”

“I dream only of her… I want her to notice me.”

“Completely not. I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say a thing like that. But you’ve spent a lot of time together. It seems only natural.”

“Soon it will be Lilly’s 15th birthday. I want to give her a present and tell her how I feel. What would you give her?”

“Well, duh. Skip the preliminaries and go straight to it. That’s the only thing she’d like, right?”

“It might be too sudden, but if you think it’s OK, I’ll try it.”

“…I’m a bad friend. But this is going to be good.”

“I think they’re vampire angels. Maybe… “vangels.” No, that sounds pretty stupid…”

“You’re turning into one of THEM!”

“Okay, that’s just not fair. I went and talked with one of them and got a whole thing about the ocean and heart ache, and you just sat here thinking about it. Screw this, I’ve got a princess to rescue.”

Next update: Our princess is in this castle.