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Part 22: In Which Will Plays a Game

Alright, when we left off Ishtar had challenged us to a puzzle game to get Kara back. Unfortunately it won’t involve hacksaws and moral dilemmas. Instead, we’ve got…

Spot the difference puzzles. Truly, a diabolical plot.

You get a look at one room and then go to the next room down the hallway. Once you step in, you have to use a pointer to indicate the difference. Can you figure this one out?

Hint: I’m pointing right at it.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me. You mean to tell me that people have actually failed this?”

“Not as many as you’d think, honestly. Most of them get eaten by the bats before they get here.”

Room one…

Room two. It’s not exactly rocket surgery.

“Do any of these not involve pots?”

“I withdraw my complaint.”

“And my statement about pots, too. They’re identical. Unless….

“I only know one way to find out.”

“Okay, at this point Kara’s just a bonus.”

The last room is a bit hard to depict in screen shot form, and a bit more subtle. The difference is actually Will… specifically, his hair. There’s a wind blowing in one version of the room and not in the other.

“What. The. Hell.”

“An artist and ‘magic dust.’ A bunch of things just started to make sense.”

“Sprinkle magic powder on the painting, and give it a kiss. If you care about her deeply, something will happen. You’ll see. I painted a self-portrait, and soon I will become the painting. You must take care of her…”

“You’d better actually turn into a painting, because if this is just an ordinary self portrait and you’re hanging out somewhere watching then so help me I’m going to commit a crime against art.”

“Please come back, Kara…”

“Kara? Kara!! You make me so mad!! You are not the only person on this journey!”


“I…Sob… I don’t know what I’m doing myself… Sob… When I was in the castle… I could have anything I wanted…but I was a completely different person before this trip…”

“No! When I’m far away, I feel close to it. When I’m close, I feel far away. I realize that now…but it’s alright if you don’t understand.”

“Good, because I don’t.”

“I will never forget what happened today.”

“Including… you know what, never mind. Let’s go.”

“Why are you always running around alone?! Didn’t you think about the rest of us?”

“Obviously not. But…”

“It was actually all kinds of manly. And kinda hot.”


“La la la! I hear nothing!”

“My apologies to everyone!”

“She understands now. We should forgive her.”

“We should go there right away. Tell me when you’re ready.”

“Just a second. I forgot something kind of important.”

If we’d had any real reason to use psycho dash in the little mini-dungeon this would have been helpful. Instead, it’ll have to wait for the next one. The next reward is at 30 gems.

“Kind of romantic. I like it.”

“Has something happened to Kara? My intuition is usually good.”

“Uh… no… nothing… I don’t know why you’d think that…”

“That would have been a lot more helpful earlier.”

“Just remember what we talked about. You’ve got to make sure to give her that special thing we talked about.”

“Yeah, now we’re good.”

“I think it’s very hot in the Floating City. Everyone be careful not to get heat stroke.”

And with that, we get our first view of Angel Village on the way to Watermia. This is the beginning of a decent stretch where we can actually backtrack to previous areas, meaning that Red Jewels aren’t necessarily lost forever if you miss one. And as for where we are… well, that’ll be cleared up soon too.

Next update: Lilly’s birthday.