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Illusion of Gaia

by ddegenha

Part 27: In Which Will Finds Hidden Depths

“Euro was a bustling city, larger than I had imagined. Everybody stood around in lines all the time, and it made no sense to me. Neil’s parents lived there, and ran a company called Rolek. Neil hadn’t been there for three years. His parents welcomed him home. They set off fireworks. There were dancers. It looked like a festival had started.”

“That’s kind of hard. Your guest room is about the size of my entire house.”

“I want to talk to my parents. It’s been three years.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll be fine here.”

“I’m scared! What if I have to go to the bathroom and I can’t find it?”

“Correction, most of us will be fine. Just don’t let them catch you pissing in the garden.”

“What a big house! The townspeople seem to be richer than the King…”

“That’s kind of a low bar to set.”

“Why don’t you succeed us…”

“To live for yourself or for others, that’s the question.”

“Good luck with that. I’ve got my answer.”

“He asked if anyone named Kara had come to town. I shrank with fear when I saw his cold eyes. Should I tell Kara about it?”

“She might be better off not knowing. I don’t want her to worry…”

“You little brat! You wait here. I’ll bring you an apple.”

“Aww, I never get to go out!”

“Too bad, kid. That’s what you get for trying to blackmail people.”

“He had the look of evil. I think he was chasing someone.”

“Is that who… How. The. Fuck. We were shipwrecked, crossed two continents, spent a month traveling through an underground tunnel…this is giving me a headache.”

“I’ll save you some time. It doesn’t look good.”

“Once we were caught up in a war. After the women sent their husbands to war, they saved their tears in these pots.”

“I have no words for how strange that is.”

“I try not to. Like I said to the lady up the street, it doesn’t look good.”

“…I’m okay with that, after the last time.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“Like people locked up under the shrine? I think I’m gonna have to talk to Neil about this.”

“Do you have any that have a worm in there somewhere? Just curious, you understand.”

“Because… you asked me to?”

“Good. As long as you know your place.”

And the reward for continually bringing apples to Ann…

Yes, come to Will.

“I can’t say it out loud, but workers, too…”

“You just did.”

“What?!! A child…The old guys are talking about work. Go over there!”

“Okay, maybe I need to look into this before I talk to Neil.”

“Because they’re losers, obviously.”

I’ll be waiting in line later.

“There is something behind the success.”

“I’m going to go with slavery. Slavery is the answer you’re looking for.”

There’s also a Dark Space upstairs. These things really are in the weirdest places.”

“They are always arguing. Geniuses can be so peculiar.”

“You’re telling me.”

Before going inside, there’s a Red Jewel hidden in the alley behind the house. I missed the shot, but it’s right here.

“There is a dispute about the teapot enshrined at Mt. Kress temple. On Mt. Kress, there are enshrined tears once shed by a spirit. Legend says they save people.”

“Hey, you! I feel a strange power coming from you…my intuition is so developed, I can sense things even if I can’t see them. At the right time, go to Mt. Kress and take a look at the Teapot.”

“Just don’t go to Mt. Teapot and look at the Kress. Hohoho!”

“And I thought Neil was weird. It really is a genius thing.”

The creepy face watching us is Jeweler Gem. He’s not that important right now since we can’t exactly get the next upgrade. It’s still a nice opportunity to clear inventory space.

“I, too, plan on leaving my name in history as the discoverer of the Tower of Babel.”

“Hey dumbass, you can’t discover something twice. my dad kind of beat you to the punch.”

“Big mushrooms and plants grow in circles like a maze. Water from the mushrooms drips onto broken stems. New growth sprouts up, forming a path. The drops from the mushrooms are all around the temple grounds…”

“Sounds triply. Thanks for the heads up.”

“Just watch me.”

“Way to not make a secret passage obvious, guys.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“You’re doing better than most people I know.”

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Near our homes, various diseases are increasing… terrible diseases that turn your body to stone…”

“On the other hand, it could be worse.”

To end on a happier note, there’s a Red Jewel hidden in this cellar. This is pretty much it for Euro.

Next update: Backtracking and the start of the Mushroom Samba.