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Part 29: In Which Will Attends a Barbecue

Since we’re on our way back, it’s a good time to hang out in line before things go any further. It takes a while, but one by one characters in line will move inside and then rejoin at the back of the line.

“Wait, what?”

“Rolek manages this store, too. I understand, please take whatever you like.”

The first upgrade is a straightforward Life Boost. Not sure if this is what people meant about a hidden boost, but this is what we have. Those people in line who keep circling around must have a TON of life.

We’ve actually already gotten the second upgrade, which is a boost to Dark Friar’s power. Getting all of the Red Jewels let us pick it up a bit earlier, but you do actually have a chance to get the upgrade even if you don’t pick up Jewels.

Other than that, the next step is to use the Teapot. It’s not explicitly spelled out, but the proper place to use it is one of Neil’s parents.

“Well, that’s not exactly the last thing I was expecting but it’s pretty high up there on the list.”

“Ku ku ku… soon this world will be wrapped in darkness. The previous owner of this body is now a skeleton sleeping under the shrine.”

“Okay, I thought that was a murdered slave child. Not sure if this is better or worse, honestly.”

“I finally realize how important my parents are to me. I wish I could have told them..”

“Seems like it’s just a little bit late for that.”

“Will… just leave me alone for a while…”

“What the HELL, Will? I just lost my parents.”

“Welcome to the club.”


“Good morning. Sorry about yesterday. I thought about it all night. I’m next in line to inherit this company. If I want to stop the labor trade, I have to change the company that started it…they make money on human misfortune.”

“Probably for the best that way. I think anybody else in charge would just keep the whole thing going.”

“Heh heh. Stop it. You’re embarrassing me. Kara, someone’s come asking about you. Something about being an old friend.”

“Um, Kara, there’s something we need to talk about.”


“Hey! Come in!”

“Oink oink!”

“What happened? Are you OK?”

“Ha ha. He’s come all this way looking for you. No idea how he found you, but pigs are strange.”

“Even if I’m losing my traveling companions, my allies are increasing!”

“I just don’t understand women.”

“You and me both, buddy. And since we’re the only guys left here except for Hamlet, that’s important.”

“That is where the laborer’s home is located. Let’s go!”

“Sounds like a plan to me, I’m kind of done with this place.”

Leaving out we’ve got an adorable Hamlet following Kara, as well as Erik. I’m starting to wonder what kind of horrible thing will happen to Erik at this point. At any rate, we don’t need to do any backtracking so this is our next destination.

“Kara, this is the tropics. Just in case the plants weren’t a clue.”

“I see the world tilted, my eyes blurred.”

“There’s nothing we can do. Let’s stay in this village today.”

“Should we go into the houses?”

“If the place is haunted, it’s haunted all over. The houses can’t be any worse.”

Before going into the houses, we’ve also got a Dark Space to save and heal. We’re not in any danger, but there’s something fairly significant coming up.

In addition to three presumably creepily lifelike statues, this room has a Red Jewel hidden in the pot by the door. That’s not the only thing in here, but we’ll have to come back later for it.

“Which means they’ve been gone for a little while, but not too long…”

“That’s good. We can rest if we want. I’m exhausted. I feel like sleeping for days.”

“I agree. Let’s rest today.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Hamlet, you’re on guard.”

“What… Hamlet… let me sleep a while longer…”

“Uhhn… What? Will… don’t be so noisy…”

“Wait, you’re not Hamlet!”

“AH! Who! Who are you?!”

A few minutes later…

“Look. Those children look so upset…

“That’s right… the servant boy said that in Freejia. There’s so much famine in this country…”

“What… what are you saying Will?”

“I wouldn’t be so sure that those people starved. They look awfully serious about that fire they’re building.”

“Oh, no! We’ll be next!!”

“Hamlet… why such a sad look? It’s as if we’ll soon be separated…”

“Hamlet!! Hamlet!!”

“He..jumped in the fire? Hamlet… Why?”

“That is the question. Whether tis nobler to have the bacon or the cho… no, Kara would kill me either way.”


“One baby pig could save many villagers.”


“Will… and everyone in this place…Darkness is approaching the world. You must combine your strength to save the planet.”

“Thanks for showing up and telling me that after I’d already picked up two thirds of the statues.”

“Don’t you sass me! I may be dead, but that doesn’t mean I’ll put up with any of your lip.”

“Yes ma’am!”

“That’s a good boy. Now, off with you to go save the world.”

“Brothers, sisters, husbands, wives…. how do they cope?”

“Mostly by killing travelers and eating their least favorite relatives. Remember, what almost happened to us?”

“I have a feeling that neither of you are going to be much help for a while.”

“Pork is amazing.”

“Maybe she won’t notice if I just take a…”

“Will, leave Hamlet be. He’s for the villagers, since he wasn’t their friend.”

“He WAS my friend. Now he’s delicious.”


“Fine, have it your way. You hang out at the barbecue, I’m going to this temple that are new friends marked for me.”

“Ankor Wat. Sounds like a nice place.”

Next update: It is not a nice place.