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Part 32: In Which Will Softens a Heart of Stone

Short update today just because of the way it all breaks up. Last time we left Ankor Wat with a Gorgon Flower in hand. We’ve got no idea what it does, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

“The real question is if you ate him, but either way tough break man.”

“It seems that “Ramapoe” means “Hello” in this region.”

“I was gone for a week and you learned ONE word. You know what, never mind.”

It’s not really clear from any kind of explanation, but the Gorgon Flower’s name suggests that it has something to do with petrification. Using it on the statues indoors turns them into a normal person. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to them being eaten.

“The animals have returned to the forest. They no longer prey on each other.”

“So nature is just all kinds of screwed up here. Got it.”

“That’s…pretty messed up. I’m not sure if they’re better off or not.”

Talking to the center girl again gets us another Red Jewel to add to the collection.

“Actually, give me a minute. I’ve got some stuff to take care of.”

Some people mentioned that there’s a stat summary screen. It looks kind of like this, and gives a pretty good summary of your stats and moves. This’ll be significant in a bit.

In the meantime, we’ll head back to Euro since there’s something we missed there.

A number of people mentioned that there’s an upgrade to be found here in Euro. It’s located south and east of the shrine, in the building east of that alleyway. Walking between the two buildings it’s basically a matter of pushing up into the northern building to find the doorway.

In return for finding his front door and bugging him until he shells out, we get an extra point of STR. I suppose every bit is welcome.

With that done, we can go ahead and head to the slavelabor trader’s village.

“I said shining, but it’s more of a case of when there’s nothing around but a bunch of sand dunes any city looks like it’s shining.”

“Yeah, it looks more like they sell rugs than people here.”

“I can’t go outside in a sandstorm like this.”

“You just hang out in the house and keep Kara company. Good luck with that.”

Dao’s kind of a weird place, with a mix of a couple of different aesthetics. It’s kind of an Indian-African mix between the houses, the turbans, and what looks like a snake charmer.

“Umm… maybe? Who’s asking?”

“Good! A letter and some luggage have arrived from someone named Bill and Lola. It’s a letter and your father’s journal!”

“Wow, for once a surprise that isn’t terrible.”

“I heard the reason why. Grandpa and I are looking forward to seeing you. When we looked in your father’s luggage, we found a journal written about the Pyramid. I thought it would help you, so I sent it along. Take care.”

“Well, that makes me feel all warm inside. Let’s take a look at this journal.”

“It says there’s a key to solving the riddle of human history in the Pyramid.”

“I went to the Pyramid and found the same inscription. So…”

“Dammit dad, you’re not helping me here. Pretty sure that page was important.”

Coincidentally, there’s also a Dark Space right behind the Snake Charmer. That’s a good place to take a break.

Next update: Snake Panic and Dao Exploration