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Illusion of Gaia

by ddegenha

Part 36: In Which Will Takes the Plunge Again

“The same voice I heard in the prison at Edward Castle.”

“Will. You’ve done well to have come this far.”


“Bring the five Mystic Statues to the Tower. The statues you’ve collected hold the key to the fate of humanity. Will… hurry… the comet is approaching.”

“Cryptic as always. Fine, this should be the end of it.”

“Yeah. What to do… I was told to go to the Tower of Babel, but that little island…”

“I hear Neil has built another airplane. It seems he’s flying to the desert town. Let’s go back there.”

“Oh. Yeah, that would work. Assuming he doesn’t crash it again.”

The conversation ends with us being transported back to Dao. No need to navigate back, and we’re right outside of Neil’s place.

“Seems like it’s that or the world goes to hell because of a freaky comet, so… yeah.”

“Once you make up your mind to do something nothing can stop you. Okay. I’ll take you to the Tower of Babel, and then take Kara and Erik to South Cape.”

“I’m not sure if I’m more or less worried by the fact that you had to make that promise.”

We depart in fine style from Dao, and then it’s just a fairly short flight to the Tower of Babel on its little island.

“Say hello to your father for me.”

“Thanks. I know you will make a great president. Especially since you’re easing off on the whole slavery thing.”

“Aaah. I guess I won’t see you for a long time. When you’ve finished your business, hurry back to South Cape.”

“Thank you. I’m glad we all made the trip together.”

“Lance met Lilly and found his lost father. Neil decided to take over his parents’ company. Kara started to really live, and saw a world outside the castle.”

“I noticed that we’re not mentioning Seth. Probably for the best. What about you, Erik?”

“…never change, Erik.”

“Ha ha ha. Just like Erik. Hey, Kara hasn’t said anything for a while.”

“We’ve reached the Tower of Babel. OK, Will. Is your parachute ready? Let’s go.”

“Ready when you are. Fly safe.”

Sharp-eyed people may note something in this scene.

“I think even our footsteps from that expedition are still in the dust here.”

The last Red Jewel of the game is right where the Flute rested until Will picked it up. We can’t do anything about it right now, but we can now get Jeweler Gem’s secrets.

“Ugh. Haven’t had to do this in a while…”

“Wait, have I had that this whole time? Man, no wonder he was so pissed off.”


“I’m sorry. I just feel that, if we part now, we’ll never meet again…”

“But Kara, why have you come here? You can’t come here unless you have the Crystal Ring…”

“Uh… no, this one just fell out of my Flute. This one’s dark blue. The ring you have is light blue… a light one and a dark one…”

“Well, I like this one so I’ll be keeping it.”

“I understand.. no matter what happens, don’t leave me.”

“When the star nears Earth’s orbit, all living things experience a dramatic evolution…”

“Hell of a long period on that comet, and you’re confusing stars and comets.”

“From insects to fish, from reptiles to mammals, then humans were born. And so human beings have evolved.”

“I saw how that worked out in Mu and the Angel Village. No thanks.”

“But also the demon of stars. The one now nearing the Earth is a demon of stars…the comet is the highest form of consciousness. The Earth will evolve beyond imagination…”

“Not if we have anything to do about it.”

“I’m happy just the way I am.”

“You’re not normal human beings, because you can live here…”

“That would explain what happened to the expedition.”

“Not liking the sound of that.”

Before that, we’ve got a Dark Space to save and heal as necessary. That should probably be a sign.

Next update: Demons changed by light, and access to Jeweler Gem’s secrets.