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Part 7: 1834-1837 : The Incursion


As we respond to Kova's aggression toward Niridna, we are surprised to find that Yakakkie is more than willing to join the fight. This alliance is practically a competition.

As Yakakkie goes, so goes Pfessöttirg. Then Wan gets into the act by reminding Pfessöttirg that they, too, are allied. Kova is about to find itself in a world of hurt.

The final effect of our intervention to make good on the non-agression pact is that Niridna automatically becomes our colony. They were headed that way to begin with.

The important result for the moment is that we take control of their military, and can also station our own troops there (although unfortunately we cannot build up any forts or make use of their harbor for our navy). We station several units in Carose, and move the Niridnan army into Niridna City, their capital.

We need to quickly mobilize the military, as our army is much smaller than Kova's right now. We outclass them on the seas, however, so that will be where we make our first moves in this war.

The last building that we haven't visited in Visisik City is the Armory. This is where new troops are recruited to join the army. It is similar to the University (in that workers are required from the labor pool), but with the difference that different forces require different types of worker.

While those Skirmishers only needed an untrained worker, Artillery requires a trained worker.

Qak's mountains have been completely searched, and our prospectors return to Niridna to uncover additional minerals before Evace can find them.

Every nation has to use their own prospector to search for mineral land to develop. It's not clear whether Evace even has a Developer, but if they do they can make a deal for any land we haven't claimed yet. Since Niridna is now our colony, we could eject Evace entirely, but it's a hit to the Diplomatic score, and there is not as yet any reason to do so.

The Great Imperial Fleet is sent to patrol the Sea of Muohi, as some of the Kovar navy has been spotted there.

We also expand the steel mill, as we'll need to start making more armaments.

Kova realizes their grave diplomatic error and attempts to negotiate peace with us, but there is no chance of that happening.

Pfessöttirg attacks some of Kova's ships but the battle is inconclusive. Evace loses another province in their own war.

Our quick steam-powered Raiders are sent to blockade Kova's main port.

The blockade is quite effective, as we stop many of their deals from going through.

Mone extends its tentacles into Ash Mukkun, but that can't be helped right now. Yakakkie's growth is also causing trouble as it lacks agricultural development.

The foolish Niridnans failed to properly watch their shores, and Kova invades.

Unfortunately, the only units to defend the province are a handful of minutemen.

Militia units appear to defend a province at no cost. If destroyed, or if a province changes hands, it takes a while for the militia force to build up again.

Cavalry is very effective on the battlefield, and they rout the Niridnan forces. Maraso is lost.

The 1835 Council of Governors comes in the midst of turmoil. The good news is that we're gaining some support. Kangjung at least recognizes how great we are, even if their masters Yakakkie don't.

After the battle is over, we are able to scout the remaining Kovar forces.

Mone is fielding the largest army now, and we must catch up. We need to draw more people to the capital so that they can register for the military.

The Visisik forces stationed in Carose, assisted by some of the Niridna City garrison, will surely drive out the enemy! Attacks may only be made from adjacent provinces, so it was wise of us to have stationed them there.

We don't have much in the way of cavalry here, but five regiments of Regulars and one artillery unit is a decent force.

Kova has us fairly evenly matched, which makes us nervous about attacking. Kova has reinforced with foot soldiers, including Grenadiers (heavy infantry), and also more Hussars (light cavalry).
We have one more unit, while the enemy forces have more power. If their cavalry charges our guns, it could be trouble for us. Our regulars can hit them from before they reach us, though.

But we cannot allow them to gain strength on our continent. We make an advance in order to take out their artillery. Losses are heavy before we drive back the initial charge of the Hussars.

One of our units is forced to surrender, and another is destroyed, but their artillery has been hit, and we manage to force it to retreat.

The infantry pulls back, drawing the enemy soldiers into range of our own artillery.

With the enemy mostly routed, we use our cavalry to make a few runs at the Grenadiers to weaken them and then force a retreat. This is how the real Visis fight!

Our navy scores a kill as three Raiders sink a Ship of the Line while taking no damage.

We're also able to review the results of our own battle. It was hard-fought, but Kova has been driven off our continent! We'll make them pay for trying to take our colony.

Colors on this screen only indicate the level of damage taken; all 'routed' units recover after a battle.

One result of the Kovar invasion and our recovery is that this province is now under our direct control. We send fresh forces to hold it.

Evace actually scores a victory for once. We continue to block most of Kova's shipping.

While Ash Mukkun has succumbed to Mone, Asfah seems to have the closest relationship with Yakakkie, and the Great Power is now developing its land.

Wan tries to get in good with us, but we have no need for additional entanglements. Indeed, it's probably about time to get Qak to join with us, which might not make Wan all that pleased.

Military forces require ongoing support, but the economy remains strong, especially with profits coming in from abroad.

Factory production slows a bit as more men have enlisted in the Visisik army. New workers are arriving in the capital all the time, but it takes time to train the unskilled.

With its economy and its merchant marine in tatters, Kova begs for us to end the blockade. We refuse.

New military technologies will improve our lighter units. It's likely we'll be able to field these new long-range infantry and cavalry before Kova can.

Another fleet of Raiders scouts the south coast of Kova. None of their provinces here have forts. We will invade this year.

Evace continues to lose territory to Mone.

The war goes on, but so does the world economy. We have an embassy in Manfil Maran as well now, and Qak is about ready to become our colony.

We can now move on to development with another trading partner soon. This is going to progress a bit more slowly what with the war going on, but we probably shouldn't ignore it.

Nojiikuq - Consolidate more of the territory around Kova (soon to be North Visisik)
Unaraco - Secure our eastern border.
Kolumbu - Ensure control of an island nation.
Compete - Target someone else's partner instead. This would involve more trade than actual development, at least initially. Possible targets: Traligi (Yakakkie), Napallaanga (Mone), Zhanglidou (Pfessöttirg, Kova). Others are likely too deeply under the influence of another Great Power or not friendly enough for us to make any headway.
3 is enough - Stick to developing the colonies we have; we don't need any new ones.