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Original Thread: Honeypots and Jiggawatts: Let's Play inFAMOUS


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Don't fear newcomers. Prototype this is not.

Fresh off the release of Sly Cooper 3 in 2005, Sucker Punch Productions wanted to do something outside of their comfort zone. Over time, the developers decided they wanted to start making a game about being a new type of super hero and thus the idea for Infamous was born.

4 years later Infamous was released in May 2009 to critical acclaim by gaming publications and gamers alike. The idea of the game is to give the player a great number of super powers and see how the player uses those powers when in a situation where other people need their help. In other words, there's a moral system in this game. And seeing as how the game is based on being a super hero, the creators took the time to make it so the game world, the character abilities and the story cutscenes have a comic book visual style to them.

The game features protagonist Cole McGrath, a Jason Statham clone in terms of bald headed look and gruff voice, but lacking in the British accent. For Cole, it's just another day in his home of Empire City. But while doing his shitty job, just minding his own business, an explosion destroys 6 square blocks of the portion of the city where he is. Miraculously, Cole finds himself to be the only survivor of the blast and also finds that he has super human abilities involving electricity. From there, Cole uses these powers to try to find out who caused the explosion and how he was involved.

Infamous is a game where no matter what path you choose, the main story mostly stays the same, but you would need to play it twice to see absolutely everything. The types of powers you have, how Cole looks, and the ways that people react to you are different depending on whether you're good or evil. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience (and I suspect most viewers wouldn't either) to play through the entire game twice, so I'm leaving the path we take up to a vote. I will at times show you the differences in going down the opposite path of what was voted for, but for the most part, the major story elements are unchanged whether you're good or evil.

With the first karma choice we get, whatever path is voted on is the path I'll be taking through the entire game. - Good path was chosen

There are also a few collectables in the game. Blast Shards give you the ability to be able to use your special powers more often. They don't add anything story related though and most of them will probably be collected off camera. Dead Drops are story tidbits that give background info about the events leading up to the explosion, and since they add something extra, I will be getting all of them and sharing them in the videos.

The only thing I ask is that if you're going to talk about something ahead of the current video, to use spoiler tags.

1 - The Day Terrorist Meteorologists Struck Empire (Polsy) YouTube
2 - Cole MacGrath: Nice (Polsy) YouTube
3 - Big Brother is Watching This (Polsy) YouTube
4 - The Safety Word is "Zeke" (Polsy) YouTube
5 - They're Poisoning the Reservoir! (Polsy) YouTube
6 - Cole McGrath's Pro Electric (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
7 - Never Slide When the Gates are (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
8 - Official Keg (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
9 - Guvermint (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
10 - YEAH! JUST NEED A FEW MORE (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
11 - How to Tell if a Potential Love Interest is a (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
12 - Downgraded from Superhero to (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
13 - The Friend (Polsy) YouTube
14 - We Have a Boat, or Four, to (Polsy) YouTube
15 - Fuck You Hobo (Polsy) YouTube
16 - John is a Hard Man to (Polsy) Youtube (Part 1) (Part 2)
17 - To the Left of the Tour, You'll See a Giant Gang (Polsy) YouTube
18 - Being Outrun by an Old Man is no (Polsy) YouTube
19 - Zeke Teaches us the Fine Art of Prison (Polsy) YouTube
20 - The Best Part of Waking Up, is Sewer Water in Your (Polsy) YouTube
21 - "Zeke is a Fucking Asshole" and Other Thoughts on (Polsy) YouTube
22 - Foggy Days Usually Aren't This (Polsy) YouTube
23 - I Am The Lightning (Polsy) YouTube
24 - Endangering Civilians for (Polsy) YouTube
25 - Recommended Reading: Department of Traffic Safety's Rulebook on Flying a Helicopter in an Urban (Polsy) YouTube
Bonus Video - Evil Side (Polsy) YouTube
26 - What is This Choice System You Speak Of? (Polsy) YouTube
27 - Like Looking In The (Polsy) YouTube

Doctor Chef shows us the difficulties Cole has when going to the bathroom.

Doctor Chef posted:

cbx shows us how Zeke views Cole through his eyes and an extra picture for the thread title change.

cbx posted:

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