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Incredible Crisis

by Chip Cheezum

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Original Thread: The Hard Games Thread!



This took me way too long to post, but here we go!

Incredible Crisis is a kind of obscure minigame collection for the PS1. I definitely think it's on the easier side of "hard", but if you're not good at button mashing then this game is going to be almost impossible.


#1: Taneo, Chapter 1C&I
#2: Taneo, Chapter 2C&I
#3: Taneo, Chapter 3C&I
#4: Etsuko, Chapter 1C&I
#5: Etsuko, Chapter 2 & 3C&I
#6: Tsuyoshi, Chapter 1 & 2C&I
#7: Ririka, Chapter 1 & 2C&I
#8: Ririka, Chapter 3C&I
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