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Part 12: Anime Kururugi Crashes the Party

So I guess we're just here now.

Me neither.

Her voice actress says "neither" with an i sound and not an e sound and it's weird.

Yeah that's right, this is a Miroku episode.

Yurihime: Oh, Miroku. Such sweet words.

I never flatter.

Yurihime: Really?



He really lays it on, doesn't he?

Yeah, really.

Gurl you don't need him, just join the Anime Club.

Sango, you broke your chopsticks. Are you mad?

It's because of Miroku.

It's such a beautiful night.

Yurihime: Would you like to go outside, Miroku?

Sure, let's go.

They're gone.

No shit.

Hmmm. Is he what you would call a ladies' man.

I don't think you would call someone that in the Sengoku period.

Hey, Sango, should we let them go?

1. No this whole thing is super sus
2. Please leave Sango alone

It doesn't have anything to do with me.

Am I the only one that sees that it does?

Fuck off.


Poor Sango. Miroku is such a ladies' man. But why is Miroku taking this dangerous journey to find Naraku? I can understand that he wants to meet a bunch of girls but...Cuz it really doesn't seem like he's out to save the world.

Wind Tunnel? Is that the power that Miroku has?

Yes. But it's not exactly a power. It's a curse that was put on his right hand, by Naraku.

Is that right? Poor guy. But why would Naraku give him the Wind Tunnel? Doesn't it help him?

As time goes by, the Wind Tunnel grows. Eventually, it will swallow Miroku up.

Does that mean Miroku will die?

That's the plan.


I didn't realize what he's been though.

Now we get to stretch our legs. If we talk to anyone here...

It's a curse that was put on his right hand, by Naraku.

It's not that simple.

We get two reused voice clips that don't make sense in this context.

There's also something here, with no indication as such.

Strange? Like what? Was somebody badmouthing someone on the wall?

No, but it's kinda spooky.

What are you so scared of? Scardy-cat. [sic]



Blood...I wonder what happened?

I don't know. But there's something going on in this mansion.

I'm getting worried about the monk.

Yeah, let's go check on him.

Well, I don't know anyone here, there's no dog, I'm getting a bit tired, I'm just gonna go home.

I need to use the bathroom.

Kagome why are you blushing don't make this weird.

Kinu: You should go after the party.

Use the bathroom after the party?

The writing in this game is so fucking weird!

Koto: Yes. Please just go back to the room.

Something is definitely strange.


Koto: They're suspicious.

Kinu: They're suspicious.

We're suspicious.


Koto: Until the master gets the monk's liver, don't let them leave the room.

Aw shit, what did I tell you people? We're dealing with a Journey to the West here. Some demon wants to fuck and/or eat Miroku.

Kinu: Okay. Kill. Kill.

The delivery on all this is amazing by the way.

Also now they're heads.

No, this is their true form.

I mean, they still technically transformed. It goes both ways.

They won't get us that easily.

One fight later.

No cutscene, just control. We'll move up to see what's going on.

Oh dear.

Happy, happy!

There's so many demons!

They're having a party.

Aw man, more strangers.

We're going to be able to eat some female flesh soon!

Young girls' flesh! Young girls' flesh!

Young girls? Are they talking about us?

It looks like there's something on the other side of all those demons.

I don't think we can get over there.

Yes, there's too many of them.

Well, fuck. Let's see what else there is around.

Hell yeah there's booze.

It says Ayakashi Spring Sake.

I've heard that this sake is the demons' favorite.

We can trick the demons into going somewhere else by using this sake.

Good idea.

We got booze!

Alright, we'll bottleneck 'em!

I agree. Put it here.

From over there. I can't wait, I'm going to get some.

It looks like it's working.

Here they come. Be careful.

I'm going to do you all a favor and skip over this next part, because it is nothing but back to back fights for FIFTEEN MINUTES STRAIGHT, and that's with my emulator's fast forward on at 120% speed.

Okay, let's go.

Miroku must be somewhere ahead.

Yes! Hurry!

We'll see what Miroku's up to next time!