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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 26: Anime Kururugi: The Lie of the Cursed Mask

We're all gross and muddy, yeesh. We gotta get cleaned up before we do any sort of subterfuge.

So not only is the mask not cursed and carries no secret, it's not even THE, it's A. What a crock.

So we're just Utsugi now.

Weird crystal. Whatever.

Well well well!

What happened? Why isn't he answering me? He looks stunned. Something's strange.

Okay then.

Ah, the villain appears for a second time approximately two thirds into the game.

Utsugi, Kagura told me what happened in the woods with the Wolf-Demon. I can't believe you had such a hard time with Inuyasha.

What should I do? Naraku thinks I'm Utsugi too.

What's wrong with you, Utsugi?

I can't run away. I have to keep pretending I'm Utsugi.

Anyway, next you need to find a girl named Rin. Kagura.

Help Utsugi.

You say it like it's so easy. But whatever. I'll go. Okay, I'll take you. Come with me.

Welcome to what's called The Field of Ignorance for some reason.

Anyway, the girl, Rin should be around here. Let's get her!


This is where we are, for reference. Also we took the mask off. It's dumb.

Oh hey it's a girl. What are the odds that this is Rin?

Excuse me, are you Rin?

Really? What are you doing?

I'm picking flowers. I'm going to make a bouquet.

She's so cute. I wonder what Naraku is going to do with her?

So to make a long story short, Anime offers to help Rin pick flowers. We have to pick six flowers of different colors around the field.

Imagine this but five more times and other colors. It's not interesting, this update's been percolating since November, and I REALLY need to get something out before I go to Disney World next week, okay?

We give the flowers to Rin and ask what she's going to do with them.

Oh wow, Sesshomaru's here? Well, I guess that explains what Naraku wants.

So Rin asks us to join her, and we get a choice. I decide to go with her because hey, haven't seen Sesshy in a while.

You're late, Rin. Huh? Who's that girl?

He doesn't recognize us, huh?

Rin wants to put her flowers around and Jaken's a buzzkill like usual.

Hey buddy.

So Rin asks if I can play with her for a while and Sesshomaru is fine with it.

Then we talk to the three and imply that we have more contact with Sesshomaru than we usually do, but I guess that might be part of the....secret ending we're not gonna get. This whole diversion is kinda pointless outside of getting Rin in the game.

A bit.

Well, let's go get some food.

Sweet, Five Guys?

Today, you're here too, so let's eat something really yummy.

Sounds good. But where's all the delicious food?

I know! I remember that I once ate the meat of a big wild boar! It was so delicious.

Was it caught around here?

I think so.


I guess so. It's this way to the mountain.

Hey wait!

It's dangerous, so we offer to get the pig.

And get the pig we will next time.