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Part 32: Anime Kururugi Leaves Another World, Part 1

It seems like forever since I've had a good sleep! And it looks like it's good weather today too! That's right! We destroyed Naraku!

We sure did. Something doesn't feel right, though...

Oh right, we're still in the past.

Kagome got a nice pretty kimono from Kaede. She seems to really be at home here, which makes sense since she's been here longer.

She must be looking forward to going back to her time.

Well, we should probably catch up with the others, too.

Inuyasha is making himself useful for once.

Kaede said I have to chop all the wood by the time she gets home.

He complains a bit, but he's still doing it. Looks like Inuyasha's finally found a place where he belongs.

And Shippo's got friends. I get enough kids at work, so I'll leave them be.

Wild idea: What if the Bone Eater's Well works now?

Oh, I uh, guess we didn't pick up the jewel shard. Oops. Well, I suppose we can just go back and

Who took the shard?

The name's Utsugi. A Shikigami master.

Ah jeez aw crap.

Kikyo figures it has something to do with us, which...probably.

I can't depend on them anymore. I have to do this on my own.

Yeah, this is firmly an Anime problem.

Aah fuck

Miroku is packing his things to go back to his temple. Again, he's got his own stuff to worry about.

Well, that leaves one more person...


So Kohaku is completely fine and once he recovers they'll be a family again.

Well, guess we should get going.

Yeah well, I don't wanna bug everyone else with my problem. But don't tell them I'm gone, they'll worry about me.

Well, Kasasagi Town is a big place. Maybe we'll get a lead there.

Fuck you.

Headman wants us to kill some demons for him. It's not gonna help us, but eh, we might as well.

Let's go find a demon.

That was easy.

I thought it was just a little demon, but it was surprisingly strong.

Ah damn.

Shit, he's too swole...

The demon wants our blood! We need that!

Hooray! Wait, shut up.

Do you wanna hire a good Demon Slayer? I'll help you for free.

Long story short, power of friendship saves the day.

Why are they helping us? Naraku dead.

Does there need to be a reason?

So they're gonna stay in our party which makes sense because it'd be weird to spend the last two hours of the game alone.

But about this demon...

It's Naraku. Only very faintly, but this demon smells like Naraku!

Something's coming out of it!

I guess this thing was part Naraku. We let them know that Utusugi has the Shikon Jewel which frankly is probably something they should have known the whole time.

Well, we should at least let the headman know we did the thing.

We did the thing.

We get some money and Inuyasha goes on a weird tangent about accepting gratitude it doesn't fucking matter this whole half hour of gameplay didn't matter.

So we figure we can ask people who had contact with Utsugi where Utsugi is, and the only one aside from us who has that we can ask is...

Koga! There was a whole optional event I did centered around Shippo but it's long, boring, and broke the flow.

I'ma save you about 10 minutes of nonsense and give you the only relevant dialogue box, there are demons all on Mount Houoh.

Oh it's the monk shack. Something's weird though.

There's a road just ahead!

Yes, but that road wasn't there before.

Maybe someone was hiding it behind a barrier.

Either someone broke in...or something broke out...

They look like effigies.

Are they hitogata?

Look at the face...?! Aaah!

What is it, Kagome?

Oh, well, wouldn't be the first thing that looks like me.

What is this?

Oh it stood up.

Damn, these things could use Shikigami...

Could these be cursed? Like a mask could be?

We also got Anime's ultimate technique, Miracle of Light, which fully heals all living party members in exchange for all of her HP, which...Great River Blessing basically already does that for less energy and we get to stay alive so no thank you. The male Kururugi's version is a powerful attack which seems a bit more useful, especially if you're stocked up on revivals.

All the dolls in here have your face too.

So this must have been what the barrier was keeping in.

But the ones over there don't have faces yet.

Maybe they're not finished yet. Some of them don't have legs or arms yet either.

Shippo worries about if these ones will attack and I think he's overreacting.


Second verse same as the first.

If that's the case, there must be something ahead. There's a strange smell coming from ahead.

Well, let's follow our noses.

Yes it is. It has a very different energy from all the other villages.

Well, let's just ask this dude where we are. Weird that there's a village behind a barrier.

Hey, where is this?

Shigezo: What did you say? Did you come from the other side of the valley?

Yes we did.

Shigezo: It's been years since anybody's come here from the other side of the valley.

Never mind that, just tell us where we are.

Wait wha

Wait! Did you say Kururugi?

That's MY name! This is weird...

Let's go talk to the people. Over on the right is a shop where we stock up, but on the left...

Huh? I don't believe I've ever met you before.

Omitsu: That's not true. You were going to the valley the other day and I warned you to be careful. You wouldn't listen to me and kept on going anyway.

Must have been Utsugi...

And this lady scolds her son for going into the valley where the hitogata are. We talk to her and she says that the village priest has put a seal on the road so that the hitogata don't git people.

Otaki: Yes, the priest of the Kururugi Shrine just ahead.

The Kururugi Shrine?

Wait...we're home.

Hearing about the Kururugi Shrine priest reminded me of my father.


It's been a while now since you entered into this world.

It's probably been at least a couple months based on travel time alone. But hey, this is the closest we've gotten to a way home!

lately, I've been feeling more and more that I'd like to stay.

We have friends here! And...friends.

But, whatever. Let's go to the shrine.

It can't be. The Kururugi Shrine is exactly the same as the one in the present.

You mean this shrine?

Yes. Some of the details are a little different. But the location and almost everything else is the same.

This is all very nostalgic but unfortunately there's no one here.

Hey, there's a dude.

Excuse me, I'd like to ask you about the valley.

So this guy has a unique design, a sprite, and a portrait. You'd think he was important, right?

He basically ceases to exist after this one conversation. It's baffling.

Huh...I've seen you somewhere before.


I think I met you somewhere a long time ago.

You probably just imagined it. This is my first time here.

Come to think of it, it couldn't have been that long about because you're only a child. I'm sorry about that. So, what can I help you with?

On our way here, we were chased by some Hitogata and the puppers looked exactly like me.

You were chased by Hitogata? Did you come through the valley to get here? I created a magical seao so that nobody could get in there, but someone must have broken that seal. Well, I'm glad you got through safely.

It was very difficult.

We would like to ask you more about the Hitogata.

I don't really know anything. I was told by the former priest that they were dangerous and to put up a magical seal to seal them away.

Is it possible for me to talk to the former priest?

Unfortunately, after telling me to create the seal, the predecessor left without saying anything. That was over 10 years ago.

I see. 10 years. That's a long time ago.

And with that, the priest gives one more regard to having met us before and has no more lines.

This guy gives us some unfunny "old man can't hear" nonsense before giving us the information we need. But he doesn't know where the priest is.

Hisa: But when the former priest was here...

She tells us the former priest was handsome and all the girls liked him. Not where he is though.


You what

I can't believe the shrine's priest was Grandpa Kakuju!

Guess we gotta look for him. Wonder where he is.