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It Takes Two

by Natural 20 , Yorkshire Tea

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Original Thread: Two Bickering Couples - Let's Play It Takes Two



About the Game

It Takes Two is an Action Adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by EA in March of 2021. It is a rather unique game in that it can only be played in co-op mode; requiring either that players be in a room together with a pair of controllers or online and ideally with those players able to communicate by voice. The major thrust of the game is that the co-operation required by the players is mirrored by the plot of the game, which is seen through the eyes of a couple going through a divorce.

Through magical circumstances brought on by their daughter, our protagonists, Cody and May find themselves trapped in the bodies of homemade dolls and must find a way through a madcap world based on their own home back to their real bodies and hopefully the real world. The co-op gameplay is intentionally asymmetric, with Cody and May working together, but in different roles so that players are forced to work together to find their way forward. But through clear communication, obstacles can be overcome and shenanigans can be had. The game is, rather importantly, very forgiving, with tossing yourself into a bottomless pit only losing you a few seconds as you spawn back into the world.

The game released to critical success, even scooping "Game of the Year" in the 2021 Game Awards. Notably, it's the first really major success coming from EA's Originals program which seeks to grant developers (In this case, Hazelight) more creative control and commercial benefit from their games, which potentially bodes well for similar projects in the future out of the Publisher.

It's fared a little worse here on Something Awful however, failing to break our Top 10 games of the year, because what else would repel goons more than needing to have friends?

And so it falls upon myself and my amazing co-commentator Yorkshire Tea to take up the mantle and show off this game to you. Is it Game of the Year material? Is it just a flash in the pan? Can we get through more than ten episodes without trying to murder each other? The answers to these questions and more will hopefully be found within the LP.

About the LP

This will be a blind LP where the characters will be piloted by both myself and Yorkshire Tea at the same time!

Art and banners, will, as ever, be handled by the amazing Bifauxnen.



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