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Part 4

Part 4

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So the next thing that happens is Jack Orlando arrives at this hotel.

Jack Orlando gives the newspaper from the crime scene to this guy. It has to be the paper from the crime scene, the one from Charlie's will not work. You can't beat the game without doing this, and nobody ever tells you to.

Thank you, sir. The new edition. Have you already read it, sir?
To be honest -- I'm not interested in newspaper gossip.
Sure... most of the stuff is boring -- political junk, horoscopes, laundrymat openings and bad advertizing.
Yes Sir. I just read something about a new Chinese laundry in the city.
I don't know anything about a chinese laundry.
Yes Sir. It's not far from here.
Thanks for the information. I think I should read the newspaper more often.

This bit of information is the whole reason we needed the newspaper. It would make more sense for Jack to read it himself -- hell, anything would make more sense than this -- but that's how it works in New York, I guess. We also won't be visiting the Chinese laundry, though you can do so even before you're told about it. There is literally no reason you'd need this information.

But if this guy doesn't tell you about the laundry then you cannot complete the game. A key NPC will simply not appear until you do!

We find a pack of cigarettes. The clerk refuses to divulge any information at this time.

We can visit the tenants upstairs now, if we want. It's not really necessary, but it's worth doing to experience more of that world-class writing.

Yeah, sure. But give me my parrot first.
Yeah, you heard me.
What parrot?
What case?
Mine! My case! It's gone missing in the train.

That's sad.
I don't even have a comb.
I honestly don't think you need a comb.
Hey, don't get fresh.
Damn world, damn town! I gotta get goin.

So fresh

The bellhop outside wants cigarettes. Apparently.

Which one? Lot's of bars are in this city.
I prefer the "Small Talk": comfortable, not far from here, nice atmosphere and good music -- the right choice after a hard workday.

The Small Talk has a big neon sign, as you'll see. But Jack refuses to go inside unless a bellhop tells him it's worth visiting. Again, you can't finish the game without giving this guy some cigarettes, for no reason.

There is only one thing in this scene we need. It is, however, the whole reason getting into the bar was required -- none of the people here have anything to say, and we're never coming back. Try to figure out what it is!

The piano guy is too busy to talk, and the drunk guy just says "HONEST?" if you try to mess with him. This bar sucks!

At least there's a bartender.

The guy on piano always play this badly?
Since when did you know anythin' about music?
Since when did you start gettin' personal with me?

Don't move, keep those feets still!
Don't act the tough guy, Orlando, otherwise they'll be carryin' you outta here.
I'm tryin' to make up my mind if you're brave or just plain dumb.
Take it or leave it. But in a year the grass'll be growin' over your grave.
Watch it, fat man, I don't like the way you act.

Amazingly, threatening to shoot his bar rag has no effect!

I promise we're getting to some good stuff, soon. The vase from the bar goes to the flower-seller from the beginning part of town. Remember her?

Yeah, why not. I've no use for it.
I could really put this vase to good use. Thank you kindly, young man.
Don't mention it.
Oh, yes. I haven't had a gift for some time. Seems nobody gives gifts nowadays.
Just as long as you like it.
It's beautiful. But what can I give you in return?
It's a gift. You don't have to give me anythin'.
Oh, I know. You take this old Chinese manuscript.
Thanks a lot. I collect Chinese manuscripts. You couldn't believe how pleased I am with this.

So, the end result of all that trading was a Chinese manuscript. The guy who wants it is the person I mentioned before; he won't appear until you find out about the laundromat. Despite this, he is not actually inside the laundromat (which you can enter, though it has nothing inside), and having people actually tell you about the person himself does not cause him to appear. I don't know, it's the worst.

There's also a fan, down one of the alleyways. We need that too.

Anyway, it's this guy. He's the best character in the game. Please, please, please note that I am typing out the text verbatim.

I heard that you Chinese are very clever people.
Cleva people not sticking nose in otha peoples businesses.

He won't say anything more until you hand him something he wants. We'll do the fan, first -- I think the writers assumed that you would.

Oh thank you. My wife will be vely happy to have fan like this. How much you want?
Just tell me what you know.

You must speak with him. Ca'eful he not get angly. When he angly he always hitting. He also no money. You give money, he let you in, but you do not have to be giving him money. I hearing another way.
Fine, and then what do I do?
You be detective, O'lando. You knowing what you doing.

Let's give Chinese Man the Chinese Manuscript.

I give you book of wisdom. Use it calefully and do not undelestimate it's powel.
I wanna try.