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Part 6

Part 6

Time for some detective work.

Room 101, sir.
I'm his brother and I'd like to surprise him.
Mr. Bellinger left the hotel on short notice, sir.
Ok. Can't do anythin' there. I'll wait for him in his room. Could I have the key, please?
I'm sorry, sir, I don't have my master key today.
I see. Maybe the cleanin' lady's got a key?
I think she's gone already. But she's not allowed to give her key to anyone either.

The keys are around the corner. I don't know why.

What a pointless interlude.

We've been upstairs before, but with the key to room 101 we can access this new area. The game does not tell you this, but this part is timed -- if you spend too long in the room, August will show up and kill you. Hope you don't miss anything!

Fortunately, there's no real pixel-hunting here -- the notebook and suitcase are fairly obvious things to go for, and there's no tiny object to pick up. Except the game still fucks you over, because trying to grab or use them does nothing. You have to use the examine icon on both things, because otherwise Jack will simply ignore them and you'll assume they're not important.

Other people's notebooks seem to have an effect on me.

"Today News" is the name of the newspaper we grabbed from Charlie's shop. And his appointment is tonight!

Now I'm sure what this guy does.

That's all we can get from the room. Exit through the door, though, and this happens:

The actual solution is to exit via the window. It leads out to an alleyway, where another required character lies waiting.

I don't know all the bums I put behind bars.

Ok, no, we actually need information from this guy, so Jack has to play along for a while.

Jerry Cooper? Bottle Cooper?
Hey, I drink less now than I did during Prohibition. The bootleg whiskey was much better, not like this crap.

But Prohibition is still a law, the introduction said so. Why change the opening if people are still going to mention prohibition is gone?

Prohibition. In those days I was earnin' real good money.
Yeah, there was plenty of work during Prohibition.
What's this, have you joined the ranks of the Untouchables?
Hey, Orlando, I do my drinkin' all nice 'n' legal.

Is liquor illegal or not? Decide, damn it!

If you get a little thirsty, go by the old distillery.
Thanks for the tip. I really gotta go, Jerry.

Now that Jerry has told Jack about the distillery, the door will be unlocked if we go by. Somehow, the foreman will psychically know that Jack Orlando has heard of his distillery and unlock the doors.


The guy from before has been replaced by a new, much friendlier man.

Did you win the lottery, buyin' everybody a drink like that?
Whassat got to do with you?
I can't stand it when a drunken bum like you starts pesterin' people.

You're very punctual, Smith.
I just prefer to be first.
He who comes too late...
I know.
How're things shapin' up?
Everything's just fine. What about yourself, did everything go smoothly?
Dead easy. If you happen to have any more jobs like that...
We'll keep you in mind. We should get the business finished.
That's my opinion.

We haven't had to come here before, but it's an alternate route into the bar. If you decide to sneak in rather than simply paying the bouncer, you come through here.

I Iike this place. No one'll disturb us here.
Yeah, we can do our business here undisturbed.
Don Scaletti sends his greetings. He's happy everything went so smoothly.
I'm happy to hear that, it's just that other guy...
Don't get any grey hairs about him. We'll take care of him. Wait a minute, I'll just count the money.

This is a critical moment. If you didn't kill the hobo for his rope supply, you won't be able to tie this guy up once you've knocked him out. If you leave the area without doing so (and, if you don't have rope, there's no way to know that's even an option) then he'll wake up and leave. Later on, he'll show up and kill you in a cutscene. Better hope you weren't relying on the autosaving! Thankfully, I cheated and knew ahead of time; on my first playthrough, I was not so lucky.

Back at the bar, Bellinger has arrived.

How're you feelin?
Fine thanks, and I hope I'll be feelin' a lot better soon.
I'm sure of that.
You got it all?
Yeah, sure. I suggest a change of scenery before the handover and all that.

No, we'll soon be there.
Excellent. I like everything to run smoothly.

How will Jack Orlando get out of this one??