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Jack Orlando

by corn in the bible

Part 8


Jack's been locked up by the mob. Escape is impossible; the only thing to do is wait.

What do you want from me? A game of chess?
Psst. It's me.
What do you want?
I want to help you.
Why, all of a sudden?
I have my reasons. Tell me everything about August!
I don't get it.
Tell me what happened.
I don't know how this concerns you.
August. I loved him... we wanted to get married.
Well, we were walkin' down the street to my car. A blue car suddenly comes out of nowhere... the window goes down and somebody empties a whole magazine at us. I pulled out my gun and fired. Bellinger went down. He must've had 5 bullets in him.
That was my uncle, he couldn't stand August... and he knew we wanted to get married.
Your uncle's a real nice guy. You gotta get away, 'cos when they find me gone, they're gonna suspect you real quick. Go to my apartment, you'll be safe there. Reginald Avenue 12. Stay there. What's your name, anyway?

Orlando is free from the jail cell, but he's still trapped in the Mafia base. Worst of all, his gun's been confiscated! Fortunately, it's sitting on a desk in the next scene.

We also need the papers sitting next to it. They represent vital evidence on Don Scaletti's operations, probably (of course there's no indication of what they are when you pick them up).

The game never tells you this, but they also took the bullets from his gun. Jack doesn't check, and the gun shows up in your action menu, but it's useless without bullets.

Well, more useless, anyway.

It's time to escape from the clutches of the mob. Jack heads out the back door, into another new area.

The guard will, naturally, kill Jack if he sees him. What's the solution?

Scaletti'll have to find a new clown now.

We need the bullets from his gun, too.


That's the first time Jack has actually used his gun when asked. More than halfway through the game. He didn't even shoot the guard!

Anyway, the next thing you need to do is visit the local whiskey distillery.

Jack Orlando's closest friend. It's not for him, though:

...on the rocks.
Can I get you a glass?
Sorry, I gotta pass. I got somethin' important to take care of.
Maybe some other time.
Where are the keys?
Sorry, I forgot. The keys 're in the glove compartment.

You see, even though Jack's car was towed from the shooting site to the garage, and he never gave his keys to the mechanic, somehow he no longer has his car keys with him. So unless you give Frank some whiskey, you can't drive anywhere, and you can't head off to the next location. Also, taxis don't exist.

Remember, Don Scaletti's goon accidentally told Jack about the meeting at the harbor. This investigation is back on track! We'll get to see some new locations, and it'll be great. So stick around, or I trow sha'ks fin at you.