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Jagged Alliance 2

by Karach

Part 7: .5

Here's the stat updates I promised. Sorry I didn't get this out last night, like I said I would. It's Thanksgiving in Canada, so I had a family thing.

And you may have noticed the seventh portrait. Meet Haywire:

Terrible? Absolutely. But he's dirt cheap (consider that two mines give me $20,000/day, and that my MOST expensive merc costs $390. Yeah). Plus, for some reason people with shitty wisdom and leadership advance in both capacities relatively quickly when you use them for militia training, so that's what Frankie's doing. Mainly he holds back and retrains militia in towns that Deidranna has attacked, freeing up my soldiers from having to flit back and forth between new battlefields and previously captured towns.

I'll see if I can get Frankie some action in a later update. I did want to show off the knifing aspect of this game, which can be very useful.