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Original Thread: God, I miss pants. Let's Play Jak II



Jak 2 was a radical departure from the previous game, switching from a brightly coloured platformer, to a grim-toned open world-ish action-adventure game. A whole bunch of people hated it, but fuck them I think this game is great. Another change is that they made the game much harder, anyone who has played this game probably remembers one or two missions for being ridiculously difficult.

It was released by Naughty Dog in 2003, and released in HD in 2012. The HD conversion was done by Mass Media, who really haven't done much of note besides porting things.


Episode 1: Good job heroCutUncut
Episode 2: LP ConspiracyCut Uncut
Episode 3: Cocaine Powered SuperheroCutUncut
Episode 4: The Best FeetCutUncut
Episode 5: Collect All the Bags of DrugsCutUncut
Episode 6: Gimme' Them DigitsCutUncut
Episode 7: *Ape Eats Green Beans*CutUncut
Episode 8: Inside Jokes.mp4CutUncut
Episode 9: Push the Konami Code inCutUncut
Episode 10: Basically We're Just an Eco-terroristCutUncut
Episode 11: Too Sick NastyCutUncut
Episode 12: Hobbit BuddiesCutUncut
Episode 13: Hot Meat InjectionCutUncut
Episode 14: I Think You Should Buy us Dinner FirstCutUncut
Episode 15: That was Entirely PointlessCutUncut
Episode 16: Hey, Really GigerCutUncut
Episode 17: The Ugly OneCutUncut

The Anthology of Failure
Volume 1: Jak and Daxter's Pro Skater
Volume 2: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Volume 3: Jetboarding is Not a Crime


VA: Mike Erwin
Our Hero, now has super powers after being expirmented on with dark eco for two years.

VA: Max Casella
Jak's annoying friend who got turned into an ottsel in the first game. Also an ottsel is an otter and weasel combination.

Samos the Sage
VA: Warren Burton
Sage of green eco. Has a log on his head, is constantly angry. Location unknown since arriving in the city.

VA: Anna Garduno
Daugther of Samos, and Jak's kinda girlfriend. She's really good at build and repairing stuff. Location unknown since arriving in the city. Totally doesn't work at the race track. Nope. Totally not her at all.

Baron Praxis
VA: Clancy Brown
Ruler of Haven City. Huge ham who loves eating the scenery.

VA: David Herman
Leader of the Krimzon Guard. He's a huge jerk.

VA: Sherman Howard
Random old guy. He has amazing sideburns.

VA: Cutter Garcia
Member of the Underground. Always sounds really angry. Kinda useless in this game.

VA: William Minkin
Fat crime lord. Secretly Canadian.

VA: Phil LaMarr
The second best character, but all his missions are terrible.

VA: Nolan North
The best character.

VA: Rob Benedict
The constantly terrified nerd character. He's okay. Or at least he's better than Torn (fuck that guy).

VA: Britton A. Hill
Bartender at Hip Hog Heaven saloon, and Underground member.

VA: Susan Eisenberg
Female Krimson Guard member with a flagrant disregard for uniform regulations.

VA: Chris Cox
Onin's interpreter. Somehow worse than Daxter.
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